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JM gig Islington

Too knackered to say much now, but rest assured gamiila was found alive and well.

As for the gig, it kind of met my expectations, except it wasn't nearly so embarrassing.

More after a nice kip.


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Hey, thanks for the quick update for all of us JM-deprived types on the other side of the Atlantic! Looking forward to hearing more tomorrow.

Hah. Not sure you're going to like what I'm going to say though.

Are you going to the concert tomorrow night too? Get some rest and than you can tell us all about it.

No. Just the once was enough.

Phew! So pleased you met up with gamiila in the end. I've read a report about the concert and am almost glad I didn't go.

Of course I still want to hear alll about it from you complete with pics! :D

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