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Okay so who is going to the JM gig tomorrow?

I want to know who to spot!


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Still undecided at the moment. My pain is very bad, so I may end up 'concentrating my efforts' on attending the Saturday one. Are you going to that as well?

No, only Friday. I think that's quite enough for me.

Good luck getting yourself together.

Please bring back pictures for us across the pond!

I suppose I'd better take the camera then. Hmm.

Yes, Please you know that you have to have pictures.

Well, I wasn't planning to, see. I was intending to maintain my aura to cool detachment.

You can still elude that even with a camera in hand. You just have to have the right face on at the time.

The 'I'm just taking these for a friend' look?

I'll see if I can perfect it for tomorrow then.

Yeah! Photies, for those of us that can't make it. Pretty please with sugar on top? :D

I'll come back and tell you all about it.

...and bring treats? :D

Don't want much, do you?

Nah! I'm a brat, me! :P

I hope so.

And thanks for the LJ time, even though you shouldn't have!

You're welcome! I wanted to think of something clever and appropriate, but I've been trying to think of it for weeks now - my brain isn't doing clever and appropriate, it seems - so this is by way of an interim thank you. Besides, you're going to need at least that much more time if I hope to see another chapter of the WIP ;)

So - have you been practicing squeeing in an irritating, fangirl sort of way?

No, just detached superiority. If Depeche Mode couldn't get me that way when I was 18, JM has no chance.

Besides, you're going to need at least that much more time if I hope to see another chapter of the WIP ;)

You might be right. I'm completely stuck.

OH! But it seemed to be going so well! What's up?

I think Buffy is OC. And I'm not entirely sure what the point of the chapter is beyond introducing Willow.

Dawn has got the boot you'll be glad to know.

Buffy can be the very bugger. Anything I can do to help?

You can have another look if you like, it's much fuller than it was but still basically stops in the same place.

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