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It's half past midnight quarter to four in the morning. WAY pat Bedtime. And I'm still at work.

It doesn't look like I'll be going home anytime soon either.

I want my duvet...

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Oh, dear!

This is the big one, then? Good luck!

We'd better get this one, or else.

Oh you poor old soul you. Keep your chin up, and it will hopefully soon be over!

Yeah in another three hours.

I complain when I have to stay until 8 or so.
You're made of stronger stuff than me.

Ew..past midnight?!
That's just not right.
You poor thing!

And I'm still here at 1.40am. I seriously think we're looking at 3 or 4 o'clock.

Oh! that brings back bad memories of my previous position. I hope this is a one time deal. *goes to make you some coffee, or maybe I should go for a redbull*

Okay at the moment thanks! 2.10am

Good lord! Hope you're home and sleeping by now.

No I'm still here! (4.19am) No end in sight.

You still there? :O I'm still awake. It's a CFS thing.

Hope you've kept your rendevue with your duvet. :)

Nope, still here.

Having a bad night?

I hope you are asleep at home now, dear Boggy!

(Sends happy dream thoughts your way)

Thanks, I was. Got home at 6.30. Knackered now though.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. Lovely snoozy pillow...

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