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I am currently in agony.

Took my mum on a tour of Oxford today replete with open top bus (which was effing cold in biting wind). As we left a big bookshop I had this muscular spasm in my shoulder that was so painful I could barely move (sadly not due to the weight of any books I could've bought!).

I've been in pain ever since. Try driving with a spasming shoulder.

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Mine does that quite a lot. Ibuleve gel or similar sometimes helps.

Glad my daughter and I aren't the only suckers for those open top bus rides! We go on them almost every new city we visit!!

The gel didn't work, only sitting very still does.

I like the open top buses, you get to see the buildings rather than the shops in them. And, as I'm lazy, you don't have to walk to see everything.

Ouch! Nasty.

Hot bath? Stiff vampire vodka? Painkillers? Massage from a muscular Swede in a towel?

Hope it's better soon.

As I'm at the parents, the bath option to is the only one likely of those. The painkillers made no diffence.


See, now if there was a real life Spike he could massage it better. Cool hands, Ibuleve gel, manipulating that sore muscle... *sigh*

However, in the absence of Spike, I can only recommend the warm bath and Ibuprofen, which seems to reduce any inflammation in the muscle. Hope it all feels better soon.

I've had some Ibroprofen and it didn't work. I'm going for the bath option in a bit.

I'd rather have the Spike option. ::sigh::

Ouchies! Put some moist heat on it and take ibuprofen. Feel better soon!

Oops...just read ibuprofen did not work. ((((((hugs))))) I think you need someone to rub it out.

*presses a heat pack to your shoulder*

Poor thing.

I'm sure it feels lovely... ow.

Physiotherapy! I swear by it. It wouldn't help with the pain much but at least you'd get a massage from a nice young man...

It has it's temptations, I agree.

Oh my god it's Mog! *squees*


No, but I am feeling your spasmy pain. :( And that's almost literally - I actually did some physical exercise the other day and both my legs have been bitching about it ever since. I don't think it's as bad, though.

Hope you're feeling better soon - and if you aren't, make sure you get to a doctor, otherwise I'll just be paranoid. (I have a friend who thought she did her leg in while hiking, but it turned out to be cancer. *shivers* )

I talk far too much when I'm tired. I'll go now.

I love Mog.

and if you aren't, make sure you get to a doctor, otherwise I'll just be paranoid. (I have a friend who thought she did her leg in while hiking, but it turned out to be cancer.

Eek! Will do.

It's still sore today, but not as bad. It worries me a bit as I'm doing a lot of overtime this week and all that sitting still in one postion...

I've done this. A muscle relaxant for the back is what I took. It helped, but unfortunately for some reason the pain is terrible the next day due to stiffness.

I hope the bath helps!

Bath didn't help, but it's a little better after sleep.

Ouch. Alas, I have no suggestions, but I send you good wishes for a speedy recovery.

Thank you. I'm a little better, but it still hurts a bit.

I frequently get a pinched nerve in at the junction of neck and shoulder and if what you have is similar there isn't too much that is going to help but time.

I use those sticky on pads that heat up with contact to air. They seem to keep the problem from getting worse because I can keep them on while moving around. I don't get some of the associated muscule inflamation that just makes things worse.

Good luck. I feel for you!

I have a regular pinched nerve in my hip (discovered at a very inconvenient moment).

I might try the pads. I have one, but it's in my desk at work. :S

Poor you - I counsel Deep Heat. It'll make you smell like a lower division footballer, but might help too :)

I have Tiger Balm at home which is very similar, so I'll try that (if I can reach the spot).

Damn! Sorry to hear that and hope it'll be better soon.

Doesn't it mean you can't go to work, because that'd be tragic, obviously?

Obviously, I'd be gutted to not go to work, but this week is really important and I'd better be on my deathbed to be off sick.

It's feeling much better this morning, just a bit twingey.

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