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Dead can Dance

Just back from seeing Dead can Dance.

Fantastic. Even if I missed three songs because I had to go to the loo and they wouldn't let me back in until the songs finished. They are the first musicians to move me to tears by a performance.

I was amused when a gourd was shaken.

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OMG! I adore Dead Can Dance! *is uber-jealous*

I felt it was a once in a lifetime oppotunity, so I went by myself. And as it was in a concert hall not a rock venue, it was all very civillised.

omg, what?!?

how? where? HOW?!

::freaking out because omgilovethemsomuch!!11::

I adore them too. They reformed and are touring europe at the moment. There are north american dates:



october 4th. that means i can get tickets!

::does happy dance::

(Deleted comment)
I don't like going to gigs on my own much, but this one I just had to do.

(Deleted comment)
They split up, but have reformed for this tour. Which is why I had to go!

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