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Drabble: Screaming Blue Murder

Tentacle drabble for spillyria, number two:

Screaming Blue Murder by Bogwitch
(Spike & Illyria & Wesley, AtS, Season 5)

“Here,” Wesley showed Spike the picture in the book he’d found. “’Illyria, God King of the Demon Age. She would lead her armies in the form of a many armed serpent, the colour of the sky at dusk.’”

“What are those?” Spike pointed at the thick snakes coiled around the demon’s body.

“I believe they are the ‘arms’. It looks rather like she had tentacles.”

“Tentacles? Kinky. Bet Blue here had some hidden talents,” Spike leered at her. “No problems juggling I’d wager.”

“My arms would slaughter armies with one stroke,” Illyria snapped.

“Sure, and they screamed blue murder too.”


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Hehh, "blue" murder. Spike's very witty these days. ;)

It was waiting to be said.

(Deleted comment)
Spike's so naughty.

You okay?

I think the humour is a little lost on Illyria though.

I'm okay, just annoyed with the world.

Yeah, she hasn't quite got the hang of that.

Just wanted to make sure.

PMS+google pics of hunters with stags they've shot+documentary about what's happening to the Amazon indians=pissed off Bogwitch.

That would definitely do it.

I love when you drabble...or write in general.

Not a hint, (necessarily). More of a straight forward compliment. You do such a good job capturing the moment. And drabbles are fun.

Drabbles are good way of clearing out your fic folder! ;)

I've got such a lot to finish.

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