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Drabble - From Dinner to Dust?

I have been drabbling for spillyria's drabble challenge this week. The theme is, appropriately, 'tentacles'! Woo!

As I'm working on a sequel to Succour, I tried a different approach to the subject:

From Dinner to Dust? – Bogwitch*

Spike dodged the grabbing grip of the tentacles that reached out for him.

“Illyria!” He reached for where he thought she stood, not taking his eyes off the demon. “The axe!”

Illyria didn’t reply, and no axe was forthcoming. Spike was caught around the ankle and a mighty tug pulled him off his feet, dragging him towards a wide maw, slobbering with noxious dribble in anticipation of its dinner.

He scrabbled for leverage to fight the creature off. “Illyria!’

Suddenly, the tentacle slackened its noose and he was released. Illyria stood over him. “I asked our son to release you.”

*With slight adjustment at samson28's suggestion.

Tags: all fic, ats, drabble, illyria, spike, spike/illyria, tentacles
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