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Spikebusters - a drabble

I promised hieispike a Spike/Angel friendship drabble yonks ago. It's a bit late but this was the nearest I could get:

Spikebusters - Bogwitch

“You did what?”

Angel lent back and watched Spike’s shock with just a hint of Angelus’ sadistic pleasure. Finally he had found a way to get rid of the annoying ghost once and for all.

“I called the Ghostbusters. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get some peace around here.”

“So, you’re just going to let them hoover me up out of existence?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Can’t handle that fact you’re not so special anymore, can you?” Spike jabbed a finger in Angel’s direction. “Well fine, but I’ll be back. And you’ll bloody well know about it!”

“April fool, Spike.”

We'll just ignore that Spike wasn't a ghost in April, shall we?

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Hee! I'm right now imagining the Ghostbusters' reaction (even though Angel didn't really call them). I mean, Egon and Fred would have bonded, and I'm sure Spike would enjoy annoying Peter, while in turn be annoyed by Ray's enthusiastic attitude, and Winston would just roll his eyes at them all.

Thank you for this! I don't mind that it's late; it was wonderful having a surprise. :)

I've been toying with a Ghostbusters crossover for awhile, but a plot hasn't come to me yet. I think I need to watch Ghostbusters again for a refresher first.

Nooooooo! Not the dust buster for poor ghosty Spike.

*hides behind sofa*.

Hey - since when did Angel aquire a sense of humour?

*Pets poor Spike and plots revenge on JGel Boy*

I think Angel does have a whimsical SOH, it's just not always obvious.

I hope you weren't drinking anything.

Poor Spike. But you know there would have to be payback.

Oh, definitely. If I'd had the room, you know my next line would have been Spike summoning up all his willpower and breaking Angel nose.

LOL! Well, this is Wolfram & Hart and Illyria's been around so who knows how time might have been jacked around. April's a possibility!

Nice! And I like the idea of a future Ghostbusters/AtS crossover. What if your premise here were real instead of a joke? Maybe Spike the ghost really pushes Angel too far and he calls the Ghostbusters? Hilarity and angst ensue? Anyway, loved the drabble. Your ideas are always wonderfully original.

Thanks. I actually started this ages ago with the intention of it being serious, but it never got off the ground.

I'll get Spike's revenge one day.

*giggle* That is great~!

Just a little something for the day. Thanks.

Don't worry, he got his own back, I'm sure.

Heeeee! Very funny. Poor old gullible Spike - imagine having to put up with comments like that for the next 100 years.

Why thank you very much.

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