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Don't be too shocked...

...but today I communed with nature with a walk in the country.

I'd forgotten about mud.

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Did you sing with the birdies and squirrels a la Sleeping Beauty?

Not really no. It was more 'Mind that poo!'.

The cliche 'stick in the mud' is very valid for very valid reasons :>

It wasn't quite that bad, more like clay consistancy. But it made walking bloody awkward.

LOL! I haven't forgotten about mud. My dogs bring it in with them every time they come back from going outside. :-)

I don't get out in the wild much.

Did you do any tree hugging? :D

No they've cut them all down. But there was interesting fugnus in the stumps.

Fresh air and exercise? Boggy, what has come over you?

(Please don't say Spike!) :P

I don't know! One minute I was minding my own business working on my tentacle porn sequel (Yep it's a sequel now!) when the parents decide we're going for a trip out. Wasn't expecting to be hiking through the Chilterns.

...the parents decide we're going for a trip out.

There's a relief - I suspected demon possession! ;)

(Yep it's a sequel now!)

Yay! :D

We made up for it by looking for an Easter Egg shop after. :)

Now that's more like it! :D

Didn't want to shock the system too much!

So glad you survived what seems to be a most out of the ordinary experience! I occasionally toddle out along a country lane with my mother's geriatric dog, but we never go further than she can smell home from (as she is blind), so more than 1/2 mile in either direction sounds a big expedition to me! The lane is pretty big on mud sometimes though - Scamp likes it - it feels and smells interesting!

I spend a lot of time in the country. It's just mostly spent in pubs.

Seems a very sensible use of time to me!

I'd forgotten about mud.
I could introduce you to my yard.

I walked in mud and elephant poop/pee mixture for three hours once. Nature is fun, isn't it? :D

Mud=Poo seems to be the way of the world. (there was plenty of dog and horse poo in mine).

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