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For vegmb

I think I've found Spike and Illyria's offspring...


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What I do to avoid writing...

(Deleted comment)
Especially in the places I look.

I've just found a tentacle porn LJ community!

That is so ugly it is cute.

It looks like its had a hard life on the streets in the depths.

Aww! Look! It has daddy's blue eyes.

And are those mummy's tentacles?

oh, and it even has a, eye.

It's like it was made for me to find.

Gee, it doesn't look a thing like must take after mom.

Maybe his contributions are more on the personality side.

That's just so adorable! :)

I've sent my congratuations to the proud parents.

That is SO COOL! (and inspiring...)

::raises eyebrow curiously::

Vampire squid - hee! Who knew? :-)

Even after reading that (sort of), I'm not sure what they were supposed to be biting.

Sorry but that gets a big ewwwww from me. It's so bulbous....

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