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The sky's falling in!

What the hell is happening? The weather today has been bizarre.

Woke up to a world of white. Lovely. Drove to work in a bizzard. Not so lovely.

Come out a lunch, the snow has vanished, there's a huge clap of thunder and it's dumping a ton of hailstones on my head. It's raining now. Hard.

It was even sunny for a brief moment earlier.

Had an unsettling dream last night. My subconscious decided to rewrite the end of AtS in a completely different way. Spike turned evil again and betrayed everyone to the cast of Firefly, who massacred them in a pub, just because he was unhappy about the way he was being treated (I think he got back at the wrong gang myself, but it was a dream). Woke up in a strange mix of reality and fantasy. Odd.

That all sounds auspicious for calove's birthday. Happy Birthday! (go over to her journal to see the card I made her).

Tags: dreams, my boring life, watch the skies!

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