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Accident in the lane?

Posting this mostly for my own reference rather than anything else, but I'm still a bit in shock.

I came close to killing someone tonight.

I was coming back from my friends house along the A road which goes through a couple of villages and a bit of countryside. It's a fairly fast road, about 50 when you come into the country proper. It's usually empty with no pedestrians, but tonight there was a man standing in the middle of it, with a group of his mates on the verge. Now I'm going a clip, and I can't stop (not that I would when drunk people are trying to flag you down), but fuck I came close to hitting him.

A bit later on, there's a car in hedge and it's on fire. The flames have taken hold and the whole hedgerow is alight. It doesn't look like an accident though, because the car is wedged in the trees, parallel on the right side of the road, facing the wrong direction.

Someone had stopped by it, so I don't feel guilty for not stopping, but I'm a little shaky still.
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