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Accident in the lane?

Posting this mostly for my own reference rather than anything else, but I'm still a bit in shock.

I came close to killing someone tonight.

I was coming back from my friends house along the A road which goes through a couple of villages and a bit of countryside. It's a fairly fast road, about 50 when you come into the country proper. It's usually empty with no pedestrians, but tonight there was a man standing in the middle of it, with a group of his mates on the verge. Now I'm going a clip, and I can't stop (not that I would when drunk people are trying to flag you down), but fuck I came close to hitting him.

A bit later on, there's a car in hedge and it's on fire. The flames have taken hold and the whole hedgerow is alight. It doesn't look like an accident though, because the car is wedged in the trees, parallel on the right side of the road, facing the wrong direction.

Someone had stopped by it, so I don't feel guilty for not stopping, but I'm a little shaky still.

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Sounds horrific! Glad you're okay, and also that you missed that guy. I think hitting someone would be just as devastating as being in an accident yourself. ::thanks your lucky star::

It wasn't too bad, but it was a close shave.

I ran over a dog once, and that felt bad enough. (The dog lived).

God, how scary! What a relief that you didn't hit him, but of course, I completely understand why you would still be quite freaked out!

Just felt the need to tell someone (and note it down for my memory).

Meep. That sounds horrific. I'm glad you're ok.


I think horriffic is a bit strong, but I'm not easily rattled, so maybe.

We'll both live that's the main thing, thanks.

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A little, because I was alone and he was trying to stop me (and at 11.00 on a Saturday night who wants to be stopped by a drunk?). I don't know if they actually needed help, but they will do if he keeps throwing himself at cars.

(Deleted comment)
Even a squirrel would upset me. I just hope they didn't need to stop me for anything serious.

A few months ago, I hit someone at very low speed while making a left turn on a rainy, foggy night. She darted out from behind a parked car at the last moment, and I clipped her leg. She wasn't really hurt at all, but the worst part was that she had a young child with her (who was, thank god, untouched). I was rattled for some time after that, so I know how you feel!

That's incredibly scary, i can understand why you would still be shook up. Glad that all involved are okay, of course.

In the cold light of day, I want to know what was going on now!

That must have been a really unnerving experience for you. And with any luck, sobered up the drunk so he doesn't do it again to someone else.

Quite recently, one of my colleagues in work told me somebody who lives down her road ran over and killed a man who was lying on the ground behind the car in the driveway. When the dead man was identified, they said he was an alcoholic who lived rough in the park who must have passed out. But nobody could say why he passed out there, a good twenty feet away from the pavement. I really felt sorry for the driver, because who would think to look on the floor behind the car before reversing out of their own drive?

That is terrible. I don't know what to say really.

I really felt sorry for the driver, because who would think to look on the floor behind the car before reversing out of their own drive?

I do, but that's because I'm paranoid about the cats.

Damn that's horrible.

I'm glad you (and the other bloke) are all right.


So am I. Could've been very nasty.

Scary stuff! Glad you and the drunk are alright.

Thanks, we are both okay.

Yikes, how terrible. But very glad to hear you're ok, if quite a bit shocked. I guess this kind of thing makes you hope there's never a next time. ::hugs::

No, not wanting a next time!

Ouff. Nasty. Poor you. You shouldn't feel guilty at not stopping - that's the last thing a woman travelling alone should consider doing. Hope you've stopped shaking.

Yeah, I'm okay. There was no way that I would of stopped (unless I actually had hit him).

Eeep. Scary. Glad you're OK.

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