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A bit of Illyria art

I have been teaching myself this mystic art of using gradients that everyone is so keen on. So I expanded the idea from my icon and came up with this:




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That's beautiful, Boggy!

I rather proud of it actually.

That's a nifty effect ^_^

Many, many layers of nifty effects.

That is very, very beautiful.

Thanks. I wanted to put some words on it, but it spoilt it.

Oooh - pretty thing!! Very pretty thing! Clever Bogwitch!

Thank you! I'm pleased with how it came out.

Wow ... that's beautiful.

Illyria did all the work.

That's very nice. And it matches my living room!

Matches mine too actually. I might see if I can print it out at work now.

Absolutely beautiful.

But could you enlighten me - what the hell are gradients?


Gradients are when the colour graduates to another colour (or shade) through a series of stages. All these fancy beigey icons everyone has so it. So in this pic we start off green and end up dark blue. In my disco Dru icon it goes white/transparent, It's much more complicated than just slapping it on though, there's probably three or four different gradients in there.

Wow that's lovely! May I use it for my wallpaper? May I please? :D

(I'm trying to pretend I understood the explanation about gradients) ;)

Of course you can you use it!

Just understand that gradients are what is making all these icons look 'washed out'.

Oh thats lovely. I adore the color you've chosen. Very nice work.

I use gradients quite a lot, even over what you would call 'normal' images.

Thanks. The colours kind of chose themselves really.

I very rarely set out to produce something specfic. Most of the time what I make is the result of an experiment. I need to master brushes next...

(Deleted comment)
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