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Space Man!

I've been having connection problems today, especially with the website. Grr. I think hesadevil has overloaded NTL.

Anyway, I've been doing stuff.

Yesterday I went to the National Space Centre in Leicester, a trip out for a friends birthday.

It was interesting, but lacked something. I can't put my finger on what.

Got to see rockets and spacesuits and a film about Mars though, and that has to be better than working, hasn't it?

Someones smelly old spacesuit:

A replica (I think) of a Soyuz capsule:

Saturn in a bathtub replete with duck. I have no idea why.

Beagle 2: A pinnacle of British ingenuity and engineering. MIA.

Phallic symbols ahoy...

I really liked the space age toilets. I imagine they had similar on The Liberator.


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Thought so. Typical that I'm trying to do a largish update.

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(Deleted comment)
Saturn in a bathtub replete with duck...A world of incomprehension looms.

I never did work out what they were trying to illustrate.

There's no picture of the toothbrush!

No, that was far too boring.

D'you think there's any significance in the duck being blue?

Oh! Maybe they actually found life on Titan, and in Titanian "Blue-Duck" (phonetically spelt, of course) means "Saturn"?

(In case you haven't figured it out, trying to cope with stop_plagiarism issues in a calm, collected and logical manner causes me to become much odder in other forms of communication.)

I have no idea, unless it's titanium blue. I'm always going to call saturn 'blue duck' now!

I bet you wish you hadn't started stop_plagiarism now. The problems it's throwing up aren't simple, are they? I keep thinking about applying the same rules to art and the quagmire just gets deeper.

What it lacked was Barbarella. I think the spacesuit was about the same vintage as the film! Oh and they could have an angle with wings and an orgasmatron and and... well you said it was lacking a certain something! ;)

They did have a Clanger.

Haven't overloaded NTL - am just reorganising it a little. Now where did I file those mailboxes? Under M for missing mail or B for bloody NTL?

It was the connection through NTL that almost buggered up the configuration of the Wi-fi router.

I think NTL has been plain rubbish today.

Don't know about 'seize the day' I felt like seizing NYL's throat yesterday. According to the status page, there are ongoing 'issues' (I hate that word.

I somehow missed this 1st time round on my frenzied flist trawl-through...
God, imagine those space suits - ewwwwwwwwww!
I love your photo posts *g*

You didn't see the space toilets!

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