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Space Man!

I've been having connection problems today, especially with the website. Grr. I think hesadevil has overloaded NTL.

Anyway, I've been doing stuff.

Yesterday I went to the National Space Centre in Leicester, a trip out for a friends birthday.

It was interesting, but lacked something. I can't put my finger on what.

Got to see rockets and spacesuits and a film about Mars though, and that has to be better than working, hasn't it?

Someones smelly old spacesuit:

A replica (I think) of a Soyuz capsule:

Saturn in a bathtub replete with duck. I have no idea why.

Beagle 2: A pinnacle of British ingenuity and engineering. MIA.

Phallic symbols ahoy...

I really liked the space age toilets. I imagine they had similar on The Liberator.

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