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Writer's Block

I seem to have broken out of my writer's block, and least as far as my entry for the SPIKE/TENTACLE EROTIC VALENTINE'S DAY FICATHON goes.

hils, speakr2customrs, ladyoneill, evenstar_estel, vegmb, _sharvie_, this is your reminder that Monday is the posting day.

Speaking of my old friend writers block, ladywenham, desoto_hia873, dragonflymuse and myself have teamed together to create a new community, writersresource that is aimed at helping writers through writers block and supporting them generally with beta reading, writing exercises, canon questions etc. Success depends on participation folks, so join up and help out your fellow writers.


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I just have to find the time. I've got mine started. It's mostly smut. I'm guessing that's not a problem. ;)

Not really!

Mine's decending into a diatribe against Valentine's Day. Whoops.

Thanks for the reminder. I've got it in my head, just need to write it out. It won't be super long, ficlet sized, but should be interesting ;)

That's cool, not writing an epic myself. At least I think not.

AHHHHH! Just need to sit down and let it have a chance to pour out again.

Time to get cracking. For me too, but at least it's starting to come (Spike's turn will be later).

::peeks head in::

Thanks for helping to create the writersresource community. I would LOVE to write some BtVS fiction, but I, uh, suck.

Still thanks.

::finally wakes up::


Oh. maybe if you follow the community and get help, then you might improve!

I take it we just post on our own LJs for this one? Mine's up now.

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