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Quiz Answers

I suppose I'd better explain some of my quiz answers.

1) What am I supposed to be doing right now? ANSWER Writing - If I'm not working, mentally always I feel I'm supposed to be writing, but I just can't concentrate. My timezone threw a lot of people there.

2) What song am I listening to right now? ANSWER The Bangles - Going Down to Liverpool. All answers were possible, as they are all on my PC. I do have a sneaking affection for The Bangles though. I might seem all cool and alternative, but I did love 80's pop (until Stock Aitkin and Waterman ruined it). I adore Curve, and are by far my mosr played band.

3) Who was the first band I saw live? ANSWER Duran Duran. It was the 80's! I was 14! A lot of people said Depeche Mode, which is a reasonable guess as I have loved them for 20 years and they were the second band I ever saw.

4) What is my real name? ANSWER Lisa. I hate it. Why couldn't I have had an interesting first name?

5) What did I last buy on Ebay? ANSWER A Nitemare Before Christmas Pencil Case. Hasn't got here yet. Wot? A writer needs something to put her pens in. I have bought all the other items in the question at some point. Even the 1984 Cup Final programme. The ex wanted it, and I am a Watford girl after all.

6) What's the first thing I eat in the morning? ANSWER Toast. No, not bogies. Who do you think I am?

7) Which of these jobs DIDN'T I want to do when I grew up? ANSWER Oceanographer. I hate boats.

8) What colour is my bedroom? ANSWER Khaki. I was going for a jungle theme. I didn't really work and it lots revolting. I will probably get repainted lilac later. Every other wall I've painted in the flat is some shade of blue.

9) Which is my favourite cat from Top Cat? ANSWER Choo Choo. I love Choo Choo. I er... Used to collect Top Cat stuff, but I could never find any Choo Choo stuff.

10) My favourite Sea Creature? ANSWER Octopus. As much as I go on about squids. My real love is for the octopus. I love sea creatures, more than land ones, I think. Shame about the not liking boats.

calove won with 90 points. Although she had the advantage of having met the wonder that is me, I have no idea how she answered some of these.

stumbelina, thomasina75 and lillianmorgan share second with 40 points.

Tags: boredom, meme, shameless self promotion

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