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The Tentacle Newsletter

I hope everyone who signed up for the SPIKE/TENTACLE EROTIC VALENTINE'S DAY FICATHON, is busy writing away. I've barely started yet, but I have an idea or two sketched out. I want to also announce an addition to this event for the non-writers.
Ask Illyria...!
Yes, the world's most blunt and disinterested Agony Aunt has agreed to visit on the 14th February, for one day only, to help with all our woes! So stock up your problems and we'll fire Illyria at 'em. In other Tentacle News: tinpanalley wrote me a drabble Something Different. liliaeth created a nice smutty Tentacle Manip. and so did sueworld2003. sexy Spillyria tenatcle manip. I think I've forgotten something else. If I have let me know. I like this quiz idea. Go on have a go. It'll be funny... I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard! .
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