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The Bogwitch is back. With a vengence.

Using the powers invested in me by Drusilla, sanda56 and the pixies, I managed to get my dreams to untie me.

I then vanquished my foe with a swift clonk to the back of the head with an bottle of Old Speckled Hen the ex left in the fridge (I'm not wasting alcohol I like).

SPIKE! Come and collect your charge, please.

And I'm very worried about vegmb's Iago tendencies. Watch out for those.

I suppose I'll have to see if I can get quinara back from the dead. Pesky Romans...

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Well, you'll have to get Spike out of kathyh's clutches. He felt all abandoned last night, and they went out for drinks...

He was a bit tipsy when he turned up.

Oooooo where is she now? Spike and Illyria haven't wandered off anywhere together have they?

I let them go. Spike assured me he wouldn't let her out of his sight again.

Phew! Glad it all worked out!

Still, I hope you pointed out to Spike that me, Dru and the pixies might not be around to save you in the future. Then what would would happen in the world of Spuffy...


See, I knew you loved it.


Me, Dru and the pixies live in the moment and don't think ahead, is all!


I'm checking eBay hourly, in case another Urn of Osiris comes on the market. No luck so far though.

Good to hear about the freedom! Did Spike and Illyria say where they were off to?

I think Willow had the last one. Have tried looking for an amulet instead?

I think Spike said he was taking her to the chip shop.

I've tried, but there's nothing hopeful. I could always meet in the middle, I s'pose, with this for example.

For some reason I can see Illyria being oddly fascinated with pickled eggs.

That looks like it's been near the dead, certainly. Maybe it has some restorative properties.

Maybe. It'd have to come from Russia though - is that as reliable as a desert gnome in Cairo?

I might be able to answer that if I knew what a desert gnome was. Are the gnomes in desert fatigues?

I always envisioned those things at the beginning of Star Wars that sell the droids to Luke. Whatever they're called.

That's the one. It's all coming flooding back now.

I missed all the fun.


Yep. That's what you get for having a life! :D

A life.

Nope, you've lost me.

Still, looks like you had a lot of fun! You want to be careful - you're getting too good at Illyria. Before you know it you'll be sprouting tentacles or wearing blue body suits.

I think the body suits are looong way off.

This was great fun though. I got to insult people all day!

Illyria has taken over my brain.

I got to insult people all day!

You are scarily good at it!

Illyria has taken over my brain.

Could be worse. Could be Harmony.

Just watch for the tentacles.

I have no fear of tentacles.

Ooo, I have. They were awfully chewy when we had them in Greece that time. Don't mind a nice bit of fried calamari, though, with chips and a slice of lemon.

Ha! I was in a Thai restuarant last night and I very nearly had the squid, but I chickened out. I had it once before, but I wasn't impressed. No way am I eating anything with suckers though.

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