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Someone posted a link recently to a place where you could type in a user name and it would come up with the last twenty or so LJ posts containing that name. I thought I'd bookmarked it, but alas no.

Anyone still got this link, pleeeeease?

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I don't have the link. I do, however, want you to be non-gloomy!


I'm alright. Gloomy is a default state really. I'm a bit of an Eeyore.

I am no help. *glooms*

Dammit. I want to know who's been pointing people at my website (other than shipperx that is).

That was me!!! You mean you read my post, but didn't comment?!

Hahahaha...I kid, I kid.

Here it is...
I found it when lj was done. I was bored and pining for lj. I can tell you you're a BNF. Doncha know?

I mean, when lj was DOWN.

Er... Sorry?

Thanks anyway!

BNF? Give over.

Hahah! I was kidding...anyway, you did comment that day!

I'm just looking over your entries and see that Illyria hijacked your journal. That's KUH-razy! You okay? Is Spike with her? Did you pinch his bum when/if you saw him?

I might have carefully brushed past it for a quick grope...

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