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Happy Birthday to me!

First the Thank You's.

Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday yesterday. I find all the attention slightly embarrassing, but it's still nice to see people are thinking of you.

Big Thanks also go to romanyg for User pics (I shall abuse them well), lillianmorgan for three months LJ time, the_royal_anna for the Birthday Illyria pic (hee) and to sanda56 for the e-card!

speakr2customrs wrote an alarming tentacle drabble and dedicated to me.

So where was I all day?

After presents from my parents (Got my Locas book! and other beautiful objects), I made my way to Islington to meet calove, gamiila and hesadevil for lunch.

Chat and more presents! :) Thanks guys. calove and gamiila raided the Sanrio shop at Bluewater. calove's customised vampire Hello Kitty is now lurking around my desk looking for victims. hesadevil gave me an a nice Discworld Almanac for the loo.

We all then proceeded past the shops, where gamiila got a fantastic bargain on a pair of fluffy boots, to the Embankment. Which was $%@*#£ freezing. The IMAX cinema had a picture with a tentacle on it.


We went to see Ian Mckellan in Aladdin. I'm not sure I can really fully explain the spectacle of IK as Widow Twanky dressed in an Abba catsuit, but I can definitely say it was amusing. It was a great production and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. More tentacles were spotted on stage, as on the the side of the Chinese Take Away set was a pic of an octopus and a squid. They obviously knew I was coming.

It was a long day, and I am still knackered now, but it was a good birthday.
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