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Day of the Tentacle

evenstar_estel suggested it might be a good idea to have a


and who am I to deny her such a request?

Anyone care to join us in a day of clthonic orgy?


Spike and tentacled entity in a sexual situation (Illyria good, but not essential)
Fics to be posted Valentine's Day
100 words minimum
Sign up in comments
You're free to write whatever you like (because I don't believe the brief is wide enough for requests)
[if anyone has any other rules to suggest as I've never run a ficathon before]

Inspired by my drabble Cobalt if you need the gist of what I'm getting at.

ETA: The challenge is still open if you wish to contribute. :)

Masterlist is being compiled HERE.

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Oh, good lord...that's VERY scary. Oh, what the hell. Sign me up

Yay! Scary as you like.

I shall mark the date on my calendar so I don't forget to post

Phew, this is gonna be a challenge

I'll give out a reminder.

Challenge is good!

I've written a suitable drabble; but keeping it back until Valentine's Day will be hard. Okay, I will, but remind me on the date.

Sure, why not. I've had Spike doing it with a ficus and a sheep before, why not a tentacled monster? *snicker*

Tentacle sex seems to be mainly women violated by monster with penile extentions, it'll be nice to subvert the genre.

Well, just to be technical I suggested Cthulhu. I'll come up with something. I'll have to read Call of Cthulhu again for ideas.

Sign me up. This way I have to finish my story.

I have read your story, and I just need to do my comments. I don't think you're sick (I found it rather funny), but I'm beginning to wonder about your fantasy life. :)

When I was young I read Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy and "The Story of O" and other stories along those lines. If that doesn't warp someone's fantasy life nothing will. :p

(And if you are into that kind of thing, I highly recommend them.)

I've never got past the first page of anything by Anne Rice, maybe The Story of O one day. Lack of Spike puts me off proper books nowadays.

Reply take two. (Either lj or my server were giving me fits and lost my last reply.)

It certainly does make it difficult to pick up a book to read knowing there is no Spike contained within the covers.

I've never got past the first page of anything by Anne Rice
Pretend it isn't her, she wrote it using a pen name and it is actually some of her best work. She has 4 erotica books and the links below are to excerpts from them.


I never got this reply sent to me either. I only found it when passing by.

I'll have a look at the links later (when I'm not behind this poxy firewall).

Came by way of a manip and a pimp from sueworld2003. Sign me up as well. After all the anime and Evil Dead 2 type movies I've seen, should be fun.

Thanks for joining in! It should be a bit of a laugh. Feel free to give your muse free rein.

I should have written to you sooner but I had hoped that something would come out. Unfortunately giving my muse free reign only encouraged it to run away to the next greener pasture. *pout* So I got a whole lot of nothing to give you. Sorry again.

It's okay, I just amazed that anyone managed it at all!

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