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Octopus Sex

I'm thinking I'm not alone.

Octopus Sex

(Perhaps not work safe)

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It's not so long ago that I would have written stuff like that.

The "Poulpa-Sutra" reminds me of a little oddity I ran across a couple of days ago while browsing

The Pop-Up Kama Sutra, by Sir Richard Burton

And I swear, I was browsing pop-up books...

What amused me so was the mental image of Sir Richard Burton, in 19th-Century explorer regalia, working with an X-acto knife to do the pop-ups.

BWAH! That's hilarious! *snorf*

I shouldn't have opened it at the computer at work... bad bad idea.

Oops. I shall put a warning on it.


I want to, just got to figure out the details. Not sure how these things go see.

I take it you'll sign up then? :D

They're very cute, but I fear the threesome one could dissolve into disaster - who's tentacle is that now?

Hope you don't mind me adding you. Your journal made me chuckle ;)

No problem, you're friended back.

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