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Drabble: Cobalt

After the last two weeks of manic posting in a million places, I've come back to earth with a bump. What am I going to do with myself?

Oh, yeah. WIP.

As my headspace is still all things Illyria, I thought I'd get that Tangly!Illyria plot bunny soundingsea put there, out of my head first with a drabble. It's been a while and I thought I'd offer it to kallysten's 2005 drabble challenge.:

A bit sexy, a bit influenced by Kafka:

(Spike/Illyria (in her original form), AtS Post Not Fade Away. Inspired by a challenge from Soundingsea)

Sex with Illyria is an experience to say the least.

Battlesuit and humanity stripped away, she’s alien, sensuous, and toxically erotic. Her large cobalt eyes are expressionless, and yet they somehow connect. She knows Spike’s needs and she desires to please.

Limbs, a writhing nest of tentacles, feel like an orgy of hands, caressing, and tweaking; holding him in the tangled safety of her embrace as they tease. He doesn’t know what she gets from their unions, but he doesn’t care now; for a soft, shiny tendril coils gently round his cock for another sinuous stroke, and he just submits.

Tags: all fic, ats, drabble, illyria, spike, spike/illyria, tentacles

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