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Twelve Days - Epilogue

It's finally over.

I'm creatively burnt out. I'll take a couple of days to rest, then it's back to the poor WIP.

It feels like I've been doing this forever and I think it nearly killed me - I'm not used to writing to much in so short a time anymore - but it's here, the last part of Twelve Days. As with yesterday, I am the writer, but calove wrote the end.

** Anyone who had difficulty with yesterday's link. It has been fixed.


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AWW!!! Happy Spuffy ending! I love it!!! You guys write Illyria perfectly

"My half breed is not a dog. Spike needs to copulate."


Excellent work!

Thanks, we've had a lot of fun with Illyria. Speaking for myself I love writing her.

That was a much needed Spuffy fix. Thanks!

Thank you so much for reading and and letting us know you enjoyed.

That was a lovely hopeful ending. I'll miss this fic now it's finished, I've been looking forward each day to the new installment.

It (was) Christmas, it had to be happy. Thanks for reading and enjoying from all of us.

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