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Twelve Days Part 8

Part 8 of Twelve Days is up. hesadevil provided us with New Year fun yesterday with a trip to Lorne's New Year Bash, today New Year takes on a more sombre mood.

Speaking of which, I think the mood of this chapter (and, to some extent, tomorrow's too) makes this an excellent time to dedicate this chapter to the victims of the Sumartran earthquake and tsunami.

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Hey you!!!

Happy New Year and all that jazz! Hope 2005 brings lots of good things to you!

I've been leaving all my feedback in 12daysspillyria, but wanted to say my husband and I donated to MSF and The Red Cross already. Turns out the resort we stayed on was one of the very few resorts of Phi Phi that's still operational. The neighbouring fishing villages are all gone though. Just awful.

Thank you and to you.

Our hotel on Patong Beach appears to be okay too. I donated to the Red Cross the day after and I will again when I'm paid.

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