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Twelve Days Part Seven

calove and Anya gave us the cost of Christmas yesterday, today is party time in Twelve Days! Who on earth could this chapter centre on?

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The pic looks good and it's even better on the fic site. It must be the background that does it. It makes all the pics look fabulous.

Virtual hugs and kittens coming your way.Do you need any more help with your unfinished chapters?

I still prefer the other one.

I probably do need help, but I'm not sure exactly what. I'm giving my next chapter a bit more polish, then going on to finish the next one, then I might be ablt to focus a bit better.

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The problem is I'm not in the mood (but progress is being made).

Hi there

i just wanted to say 2004 wasn't the best year for me either
2003 wasn't so great too but each year i'm trying to hope for good things and start fresh...and believe me i'm the most pessimistic person alive so don't take what i say lightly
words define reality...so think good thoughts and have a-

Happy new year


Thanks, I'm usually ok (on the surface anyway), but periods get me all weepy.

I know...i really do...

if you ever need to talk or something email me k?

:hug you tight:

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