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Fic: Twelve Days Part Four

hesadevil wrote yesterday's Twelve Days visit to Fred's last Christmas. Today's installment is now up:


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My guess is that calove wrote today's exquisite instalment.

It's not terribly difficult to guess, is it?

And I was the one who requested the return of the Magnificent Bosom Illona.

Another victory for the Triad. *high fives Boggy somewhere around the kneecaps*

I like that, it makes me sound tall!

*high fives*

it makes me sound tall

What you seem to forget is that you are tall, for you are Warren, you are the Mastermind, the Evil Genius Bwa haa haa!

Sorry - I'll be good. Going for tea now. And a bath. And then it's time for my pills.

Oh ok. I'll try and rein those Machiavellian tendencies in.

No, no reining. That's what has this fic bang on the mark. Your ability to adjust and shove point us in the same direction, towards a common goal.

Carry on with the Machiavelli-ing.

Sometimes a Bogwitch needs shoving too.

I'm too little.

Shall I get Cass to do it?

Maybe if you both try.

Hey! Don't sell yourself short - I mean... not that I'm know what I mean! This isn't a one person effort! I'm happy to admit that I didn't do much in the way of the planning and early stuff - but looked to me that you BOTH did excellent work on that. And as for adjusting and pointing, I don't think we've needed a great deal of that, do you? I thought we meshed nicely.

Warren's done great - but Jonathan deserves a big pat on the head back, too!

And I give heartfelt thanks for that. In fact I give you two heartfelt thanks, for that is our way.

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