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I don't think I am capable of eating ever again!

And there's so much food we haven't even started on. Ugh, I just don't want to eat it (the exception being the Tiramisu that my mum forgot to defrost for Christmas dinner).

My parents xmas tree this year is very pretty, and frankly very gay...

I got:

A Water Feature that doesn't work
Ghost perfume gift set
Snowflake Bracelet
Hair Moisturiser
big bag of Maltezers
Mug with a Pixie on
Guylian Shell chocs (can't even comtemplate them)
Wash Bag with cats on
Kill Bill vol 2 DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean DVD
Spyro: A Hero’s Tail PS2
Eeyore’s ‘Gloomy Club’ bowl (I chose that)
Stolichnaya Vodka Gift Set
Bottle of Cointreau (good old sexgoddesshilly!)
Bagpuss cup
Star-shaped Mood light
Cidre and soap from hesadevil (Thanks)

I'm ashamed to say I missed big chunks of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day due to wine induced coma (I wouldn't mind, but I only had a couple of glasses with food).

But all this is tempered by the fact I can't get my mind off these tsunami's in Asia. These things are, of course, horrible, horrible, horrible, but feel so much worse when it happens in places you know (Phuket).

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