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I’ve been dropping hints, but now it’s finally time to reveal what calove, hesadevil and I have been up to for the last month - and what's been making me tear my hair out for the last couple of weeks.

It’s a fic!

Illyria goes on a journey through the Twelve Days of Christmas with a reluctant Spike in tow.
Disclaimer: We owe it all to Joss & ME
Pairing: Spike/Buffy and hints for others
Rating: Pretty tame, but some swearing and some mild sexual situations.
People in need of a good thanking (for varying degrees of assisstance):
estepheia, soundingsea, vegmb, mistraltoes, lillianmorgan,
vampry, desoto_hia873, speakr2customrs, mskakaako.

The aim is to post a chapter per day over the Christmas holiday until we get to Twelfth Night. So here's the first part:

Twelve Days - Prologue

Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone.


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Except that one time, when Dru went to that Santa’s Grotto back in Boston and we ate all the helpers…

Loving it already! :)

*cough*Boxing Day*cough* ;)

Umm... i never read s/i stuff but i was ready to give a shot and i like it so far...just one thing,rating?

Quite tame. It's more Spuffy in the long run though.

It's more Spuffy in the long run though.

NOOOOO! You tricked me, vile harpy! (Wonder what a harpy is?) ;)

You have piqued my interest! Particularly when I saw my name among those thanked. :-)

Cliff-hanger ending. An evil thing to do on Christmas Eve!

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode!

I needed to thank all those who helped me get through Cordelia.

Happy Happy Merry Merry to you, too. :) Neat premise.

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