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Another question for you


Do you drink it all through the holiday, or are you sick of it by the evening of Christmas Eve?

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I love it. I drink it as long as it's in stores.

Gotta be the premium real stuff, though. The "holly nog" that's mostly corn syrup? Ick. And Silk Soy Nog is wretched stuff.

Is it really fattening? Are there any other good Xmas drinks that say, Cordelia might drink?

Heh, if Cordy indulged in eggnog at all, she'd probably drink it the way my mom does. Glass of skim milk and pour in a little eggnog. That way you get the taste with a fraction of the calories.

High school Cordy is a bit young for something like Hot Buttered Rum (not to mention, that stuff is ICK).

In my (midwestern) American childhood, there was always eggnog in the house at Christmas.

Hot Buttered Rum - that sounds nice!

Add skim - check!




I'm sick of it as soon as I look at a bottle. Yukk!

You probably would!

Very similar to Snowballs, aren't they?

I don't drink it much, so when I do it's yummy. But I wouldn't drink it on Christmas Eve. Although there's that Starbucks Eggnog Latte thingymabobby - yech.
Plus, have you tried glühwein (mulled wine)? Much preferable, though the end-results are somewhat different.

I adore Mulled Wine!

Really, it's the Cordelia of the nog I'm getting at, I'm sure I'd love it.

Guess it depends what you do on Christmas Eve really. Get blattered with friends or sit round a fire supping eggnog. Hmmmm.

We have Mulled Wine and a family Chinese Feast.

From the Happy Garden?
I was trying to think of what Cordelia would do on Christmas Eve.
Actually, in some countries it's a holier day than Christmas Day.

I like Christmas Eve much better, it has such an atmosphere. But I'm writing Cordy just after Christmas.

It won't be from the Happy Garden, no, because I'll be at my parents (and they're crap, they just do one dish really well).

I always think I want some around Christmas Eve -- and then I try it and remember that I really don't like it.

I always thought it was too rich for prolonged drinking anyway.

Personally, I drink it all through the season. I like it mixed in coffee, too. But it really is fattening so Cordy might not drink it. I would see Cordy as more of a fat-free eggnog capaccino type of girl.

Hmm Eggnog Capaccino, that might be what I'm looking for.

How about caramel apple cider? I find it too sweet, but Cordy looks like she's got a sweet tooth. I miss poor, dead Cordy.

That sounds nice too. Perhaps.

I miss poor, dead Cordy.

I don't and I really hate her now.

I don't and I really hate her now.
Really? What did she do?
She's dead and all.

V. interesting...

I have never been a big fan, but I liked her in BTVS. The hate comes from having to write her. Grrr.

Yay! You're writing! WHeeee!

"You can do it!"

Something like it anyway...

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