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Thank you very much to shapinglight for the 2 months LJ time. I shall put that to good use, I'm sure! :)

Now I must get back to the Christmas Spillyria fic project, announcement Christmas Eve...

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Hello, I thought I'd tell you that I am going to friend you. I planned to based on your storytelling and a common interest in Spike. Then....I saw you had listed Robin Of Sherwood in your interests and that settled it!

I live in the US and taped the series in the 80's when it aired here. The tapes have all but disintegrated. The DVDs are only available for other regions than the US so I have begged my husband for a multi region DVD player this Christmas so I can get the RoS DVD's finally.

Good to meet you,
Loved Jason just fine, but Michael WAS Robin *sigh*

Michael was indeed Robin!

Good to meet you too. You obviously have fabulous taste.

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