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Rome Wallpaper

I've been cleaning out the flat and I'm knackered.

Someone last week (hesadevilasked me last week if I would make my Rome manips into a wallpaper. After a couple of aborted attempts, I think I've made something attractive enough:

It's only available in the large size as it went all wonky when I made it smaller!

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By making pretty wallpapers like this one, you will tempt this Jerusalem-guy. He will come and get you...

Are you afraid now?


Saving it to my harddrive for drooling purpose...

Two fingers to Jerusalem. He's just jealous.

Thanks, btw.

Um. Something witty and clever in Italian to say thank you.

Yup, 'twas me wot arsked.

Muchos gratias amigo,

ciao bambino

It's not perfect, but it's still better than the other designs I tried.

You'll be glad to know I've cut over 1000 words from chapter 5.

Thank you. I was going for something much more elaborate, but it didn't work.

Very pretty, I think Buffy and Spike will be kissing like mads while walking the streets of Rome.

They'd better watch they don't trip then!


WOW!! It's really fantastic!! Maybe it's just me being Italian and all, but... it's really great!! :)

Praise indeed. Glad you liked it.

Bodwitch if you want to see magnificent cloud formations go to Ireland. The cloud formations here in Bavaria are not a patch on the ones in Ireland. I suppose it is because of the sea around Ireland and here we are up against the Bavarian Alps.

I have been to Ireland, but I just remember great blankets of it! - Maybe it was because of the Wicklow Mountains. I think the changability of the weather in the British Isles lends itself to pretty clouds.

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