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Damn those raging hormones

I'm going to have to shop in Watford Tesco more often judging by the quality of men out tonight. Especially the Brian Molko-type in the very lovely leather coat...


... Oh, what was I saying? Ah yes. Pity I never see them when I'm out on the pull. (okay it was 9 years since the last time, still...)

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Leather coat, huh? Hmm...

Did you get his number? His car registration? ANYTHING?

I'm sure pulling is like riding a bike. At least you are interested in getting back in the saddle again!

Except I was crap at it in the first place (it took 8 months to pull Bob). I've let myself go a bit since then!

No I didn't get any details, but I nearly hit his trolley,, does that count? It was very, very nice coat though. Long and black and done up right under the chin. Mmm, but he was probably too young for me anyway. ::sigh::

Next time, hit his trolley harder. He can't get away if you break his leg.

he was probably too young for me anyway

Not the attitude! Age is a state of mind and all that bollocks. Besides, he may well go for the more experienced woman.

Only thing that worries me is this long black leather coat routine. We are sure we aren't confusing our fic with reality, now, aren't we?

I think it's the other way round. I've always had a thing for the long coat. I even had one myself about ten years ago!

Incapacitate them, eh? But not too much that they can't perform... Thanks for the tip.

You go for it. Break a leg.

OH, BUGGER!!! If you go to LJ while playing Spike Mah Jong, you lose your game!!! I nearly had it too. Best start again then...

In for a long night then? I really must go to bed, but I'm more awake now than I was this afternoon.

Today was my turning over a new leaf day. Last day in old job; first day of new life, which includes drinking less, eating less crap, spending less time at the computer, and going to bed before 1 am.

::hides glass of wine and empty crisp packet behind monitor while settling down for another 3 hours::

Not doing so well so far.

But I'm just not sleepy!!

"he was probably too young for me anyway"

Not the attitude! Age is a state of mind and all that bollocks.

Really? And just who was chiding me the other day for sizing up a 'baby', huh? ;-)

Yeah, but he was virtually an embryo...

Did I chide? If I did it was probably down to pure unadulterated jealousy ;-)

pure unadulterated jealousy

Ah, the green-eyed monster. Should have recognised that...Doesn't matter: I still love you.

There's young and there's young.

I don't think I have it in me anymore to keep up with an 18 yo. 25+ is nice, I think.

25+ is nice, I think

25+-ish...I must admit I don't have a strict cut-off point, but 18-year-olds are definitely not my thing. Middle to late twenties, though, is another thing entirely!

I don't want a big party person, just someone to settle into my lovenest.

Anyone willing would do at the moment.

Oh dear. That bad, is it? Sounds like what you need is a proper girls night out, to check out the talent and get back into the swing of things. Too bad you're too far away from me...

Ah, it's not that bad. Just the old hormones givng me a nudge.

And today is payday! And Redundacy! ??????????!!! Bugger, I've spent it.

Yay for payday!!!! I'll drink to that!

And Redundacy! ??????????!!! Bugger, I've spent it

On loose men and fast living I hope?

Buggered if I know what I spent it all on. Towels probably, oh and CD's and that laptop. I bought a new Video today to replace the one Bob waltzed off with. Trying to decide if I really want a PS2 to play the ophaned games on.

He took the PlayStation? Bastard! Did he take the corkscrew?

Well, I guess a girl can never have enough towels. And laptops don't come cheap. And a new video. Hell, no wonder you're broke.

Hee. Sorry just getting a mental image of Bob - not that I've met him, but I know your type - anyway, Bob in white tie and tails waltzing into the distance with a sequin-covered video...

Both corkscrews are in my custody.

Sorry just getting a mental image of Bob - not that I've met him, but I know your type - anyway, Bob in white tie and tails waltzing into the distance with a sequin-covered video...


Both corkscrews are in my custody.

Good. Do you know the Wendy Cope poem:

The day he moved out was terrible -
That evening she went through hell.
His absence wasn't a problem
But the corkscrew had gone as well.


You said Bob waltzed off with the video... Sorry. It's alarming what the brain finds amusing at 1 in the morning after a glass of wine.

Oh. Really Bob was the last person you'd see in a suit. Scruffy bastard.

*ups sticks and moves to Watford*

Not fair! In my local Tesco all you see are old men buying whole crates full of value beans and chips. Nothing even remotely Brian Molko-like. ;(

Well, I was impressed I have to say. I can't say that 'Watford' and 'nice men' usually go in the same sentence.

BTW...just googled Brian Molko...if it's the Brian Molko that's with Placebo, then...don't you think he...I don't know, he looks to me...or maybe that's his gimmick?

He is gay, doesn't mean the man in Tesco's is. BM is quite sweet.

LJ seems to be quite selective in the messages it forwards these days...I keep missing replies! It's quite annoying.

BM is quite sweet.

I'm sure he is. I suppose I was just surprised that you'd go for his type, is all...though you did mention something about a leather coat, didn't you?

And yeah, odds are the young man in Tesco's is straight...go back and see if he's there again! ;-)

What exactly do you imagine my type to be then? I don't think I've told you before...

Actually: no, you haven't...(I just had to dig a bigger hole for myself, didn't I?).

I really have no idea what kind of man you'd feel attracted to -- supportive, maybe a bit artsy, an independent thinker, and with a physique that allows him to wear a leather coat well, perhaps? BM, judging from the few photographs I saw of him, looks to me a bit too lanky and androgynous to fulfill the last requirement.

But hey! I wouldn't be surprised if this says more about me than it does you: 'lanky and androgynous'may not be my cup of tea, but it could be that of others...

Forget BM. He's cute and largely fits my type, but actually I don't have that big a thing for him.

I have a specific set of requirements:

1. Good sense of humour. Absolutely the most important thing. I'm sacastic, (as you might have guessed!) so I need someone who'll give it back and is possibly a little immature. All the RL people I've been really attracted to have made me laugh. A good conversationalist too would help.

2. Taste in music. Doesn't have to be absolutely the same, but near enough. I want someone who'll go to gigs with me.

3. Physical. Not so specfic, but I like smallish, slim/toned without skinny legs. If they are kind of punky all the better. Not hairy.

4. Mustn't wear sandals - ever. Even contemplating it is wrong.

5. Hopefully intelligent/creative. Don't have a lot of luck with this one.

I could go on, but I'll spare you!

I think from this you can see why Spike is exactly my type!

(Deleted comment)
Clean! Of course. And not too untidy. I don't want someone anally tidy, but Bob was a nightmare.

Musical taste is very important, but becoming less so. I they aren't mad about the music, they aren't going to put up with me and Babes in Toyland for very long!

Not brothered by hair colour - except red. I like brown eyes, but end up with blue. I'm very strict on the sandal rule and flip-flops also count. Boots on the beach that's me.

Hair and eye colour: it's not a requirement that's set in stone. It's just, I noticed that all my past boyfriends have been dark-haired, and with one exception, blue-eyed.

Boots on the beach, that's me!

And me! Hate getting sand in my shoes...and since I only ever go to the beach in winter, boots are what I normally wear.

But I don't mind other people wearing flip-flops or going barefoot, provided they've got beautiful, healthy feet (hate the sight of bunions and the like).

'beautiful' and 'feet' I don't usually put in the same sentence.

Beautiful feet are a rarity, I admit...

Reading down your checklist, it's uncanny how many entries coincide with mine:

1. Good sense of humour
I didn't bother listing this, because let's face it: if that's absent from a man's makeup, whatever else he may possess in the way of qualities, you're not going to give him any serious consideration.

2. Taste in music
I probably wouldn't have put it in second place, but yeah -- I don't want any fights over it, and I don't want anyone who thinks the Birdie Song was a great musical achievement.

3. Physical. Not so specfic (..) Not hairy
Don't mind a bit of chest hair, but other than that..yeah.

I don't know...I like them taller than me, but not too tall (I'm 5' 6 1/2", so anything between 5'8" and 5'11" would do me fine). Broad-shouldered.Clean. And for some reason, I always, always, always go for dark-haired and blue-eyed.

4. Mustn't wear sandals - ever. Even contemplating it is wrong.
I hear you, sister! Flip-flops is different, though...

5. Hopefully intelligent/creative. Don't have a lot of luck with this one.
Me, neither. But then, I just don't have a lot of luck with men in general ;-).

Good looking men in leather coats are a turn on ;).

Oh aren't they just. ;)

OMG! I was on my way home and I watched a gorgeous man wearing a brown leather jacket... I was on the subway train so I couldn't get out but that is the best thing that happened to me today. Then I thought I had to tell you about it *wink*.

Brown doesn't do it for me alas, but if he's gorgeous, that'd be a minor consideration!

holy rap how many post :| hey girly I still think i should have been with you ;)

I can get a bit chatty.

Don't know who Brian Molko is but I do like Tesco!! Lots of lovely desserts there:)

Brian Molko is the singer in Placebo. I'm more of a Sainsburys girl myself, but I wanted to buy a VCR after 8 at night and Tesco is the place.

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