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Why does technology hate me?

I love my computers, really do. Why do they feel they have to kick me in the teeth?

Still reeling from last weeks adventures with a wireless mouse that chose to not work on the laptop, I decided to try Home Networking today. I really should've known better. The damn thing doesn't work!

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What's Home Networking?

I love my computers too but haven't dared try any peripherals with the laptop. I haven't even connected to the Web using it. The free 3 months of Norton will have to be activated the day before we go if it's to last the whole trip.

I only wanted to transfer files between the laptop and the PC and play Bob on Total War. The instructions on the box were really simple! But of course it isn't that easy.

BTW I have done your Angel discs up to last week and I'll send them tomorrow. I'll send you Wesnesday's ep separately. It won't hold everything up then.

Angel discs I'll send them tomorrow.
I'd forgotten all about them.


Do they play on your Dell? In Real Player, or Windows Media Player, or PowerDVD? I've got all three on my Dell.

:bounce, bounce:

I am going to have so much difficulty avoiding the temptation of playing them before I go. I'll have to pack them somewhere safe, then they won't turn up until we unpack everything.

Yep, they play nicely on the Dell in Media Player. I've included a codec pack on the Shells disc. You'll probably need them to run the clips. You just install them using the exe file. I've also included some other clips I've picked up of JM over the years, because I just hate leaving space on a disc!

Underneath isn't as good quality as the others as I couldn't get the good version to download, but it's okay.

That's because computers are evil.

They have little trolls that sleep inside the computer guts, and wake up every once in a while to make everything go wonky.

Oh yes, mine are very active, tricky little buggers.

I love the internet. But today the Internet Police won't let me in to my email. Virgin tell me they are upgrading their servers, but I know better. It's part of an international conspiracy to force me to spend time with my kids rather than emailing my mates. Ha! They reckoned without LJ.

They need to know how many times you mention Spike so they know how to distract you when the revolution comes.

That'll be a difficult one for them. One flash of Spike chestage and a good portion of the intelligent female population will collapse in a puddle of lust. It'll be a short revolution...

We'd better keep an eye out then.

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