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Bogwitch is unwell

I lost my purse this morning...

...and I found it in the freezer.

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lol. seriously?

aww, poor thing. i think you need a vacation.

Yes seriously. I put there when I packed some bread away. I'd love a vacation, the boredom is really getting to me.

ah. nothing worse for the mind than boredom. :\

Tell me about it. I think my brain is slowly rotting.

Now that's what I call taking your admin work too seriously. Fancy filing it away in cold storage archives!

You definitely need a holiday.
I found out the reason I'd been feeling below par today at my trip to the docs to stock up on my meds and have a BP check up; I've got a full blown chest infection. So that's what's been causing the night sweats and the total knackerdom during Tai Chi last week. (It's probably the reason I put my back out so easily too.)


I seem to be getting scattier by the minute...

Oh my! Sounds like you need lots and lots of rest. *HUGS*

Thanks. I think I really do. No chance of getting any though.

Sometimes I find the tv controller in the fridge after my brothers have been home.

That's probably because they're men and they can't relinquish it for a second to go the fridge!

I'm trying very hard not to think about a purse in the freezer constituting cold cash.

Huh? how did that happen?

Coz I'm a dope!

It got gathered up when I was putting bread away. Mind on other things and I'm not the brightest spark in the morning.

(Deleted comment)
I don't usually, but this seems to be the week for it. I can only say it was very early in the morning...

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(Deleted comment)
My brain has permanent residence in the gutter.

No problem with that!

I could skip ASH, but the other two...

I have had many dreams about JM. There was one distrubing one where he was trying to run me over in a wheelchair. Alas, no sex yet, damn.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh. Maybe it was... It was in a supermarket though. Do you enjoy seduction in the aisles?

(Deleted comment)
I can't quite remember, but I think there were tins, sorry.

Shame. Mind you James would look great draped over anything!

(Deleted comment)
Long as it's my bed I don't care.

It must be spring, the JM lust is really strong at the moment on LJ (not that it ever goes away).

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(Deleted comment)
I think lusty thoughts are pretty universal!

(Deleted comment)
I did this several times too. I found a phone and TV remote control in the freezer...

Glad I'm not the only one!

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