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Getting on with it

I've had quite a productive morning doing stuff I should have done a long time ago.

1. Bogwitch's Spike Page has finally moved to NTbloodyL after staceyuk inspired me to get on with it. As much as I hate NTL at least I no longer have to contend with the tons of advents Lycos plastered over my old site. I've also redesigned the Fiction pages to make them easier to read. At least I hope so! Eventually I'll do a pic for each one. As it stands Chapter One of Working My Way Back to You has a nice new image (and a title!).

2. I've finally watched Theatre of Blood. It's only taken me about ten years! As much as I love Vincent Price, somehow I could never sit still long enough to watch it.

3. New default icon. I think it lacks something though.

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I lurve the new site. How did you change your NTbloodyL's user name and get it to read bogwitch instead? My space gives my full username in the url (after the dot com bit)I'm using mine to host my old school's Past Pupils' association site and want to put the school name in there instead of patriciadotharris

Can you make the pic on A Spectral Disturbance a little lighter? It doesn't show up too well on my all-singing-all-dancing super-dooper-charged flat screen.

Ah, you see Bogwitch is my NTL user name (and in some other official places). See what I mean about it being my alter-ego?

I'll see what I can do about the pic.

(Deleted comment)
This is veeeerrrry interesting. I have to have a go at that.

(Deleted comment)
I've redone that pic completely. The quality wasn't good enough. There's pics now up to chapter four.

(Deleted comment)
Our little discussion made me think about what I could before I put you out.

Oh, pretty site! Nice to see your work all up and looking good. When are you going to post chapter 2 of your WIP?

I like the icon. Beautiful. Different. It's very gentle - not like your usuals. maybe that's why you feel it's missing something?

(Deleted comment)
Oh, pretty site! Nice to see your work all up and looking good. When are you going to post chapter 2 of your WIP?
Thank you. It can all breathe a bit better now. I'll post chapter two as soon as gamiilla and hesadevil finish with it.

I like the icon. Beautiful. Different. It's very gentle - not like your usuals. Maybe that's why you feel it's missing something?
Maybe. I usually go for bold statements. I've been experiment with different filters and templates. This is just merging two images. I clash it clashes with my colour scheme though.

Clashes? Maybe... but it's just pale against all the dark - a bit lost. It would look lovely against my lighter blues, though... ;-)

When do you find the time to do all of this - write, build websites, get all creative with icons and calenders and artwork, work, have a life... Impressive!

I don't do any work and I don't have a life!


At least you've got your priorities right.


Actually, I doodle in paint shop pro when I'm avoiding writing then write when I'm at work. I find it very difficult to write at home - too many distractions like LJ and paint shop pro. I don't watch much telly though.

I don't watch much telly though.

I suspect you aren't missing much.

Apart from news and MTV2, I've barely watched more than a re-run of House Doctor all week.

You can have the icon if you like. Or this one. I think I might refer back to the old one.

I wasn't hinting! Well, OK, maybe just a bit. It's beautiful - they both are. I think I like the first more, but the darker Spike is nice too... No, they're both lovely.

I love to have one but are you sure? Maybe you'd better give it few days and see if they grow on you.

Nah, go ahead. They're a little subtle for me. I could personalize it if you like?

Hey! It's moving and everything!

Quite mesmerising, isn't it? Perhaps you could use little dancing Spikes, spelling out the letters along the YMCA lines. Although the "W" might be a challenge...

Personalise? Could you? Well, you know, I'd be honoured, if it's not too much trouble and all, I'd hate for you to be inconvenienced and... Oh, bugger being British. YES, PLEASE!! Never had my very own icon before.

Not too difficult to slap 'calove' on. Just have to choose a nice font. I'll do that tomorrow before I go to the pub.

Can I have "Cass" instead? Please? And thanks again.

Hey, doesn't going to the pub mean you do, in fact, have a life? Ha! Sussed!

I go to the pub quiz every other week. And with my parents, is that sad enough to qualify?

It'll do. My faith is restored.

Bollocks. Gone midnight again. How come the hours from logging on to past bed time shoot past so fast, whereas arriving at to leaving work stretches like the long, dark tea-time of the soul? Hardly seems fair.

Hee. Yeah, I know what you mean and that's exactly how I think of it!

I'm about to drop off, yet I never quite drag myself to bed...

I know. But it's the best part of the day!

Still... tomorrow's Monday, so best go try. Sleep. Perchance to dream... I want to learn to control my dreams. I'm told it's possible. Can't imagine what I'd choose to dream about though...

'night. SpiSweet dreams!

Cass is even easier, will do.

Thanks! I hate calove. It was a moment of panic when LJ wouldn't let me have any of the many options I had lined up for an LJ name. Wish I'd gone off and thought about it for a while.

Oh dear, that's very annoying.

Your new site is excellent. Much better without the ads, and I like what you're doing to the fiction section, too.

And I love, love, love, love, love my subtle sleeping Spike who's obviously dreaming of me telling him to go put something on-icon...Really chuffed to bits.

I think the site feels like it's just been let out of a corset! I've got so much more room to work in.

I never looked at the icon and thought of him being asleep, but it does look like rumpled sheets and a nice afterglow...

Took a closer look. You're right, he's not lying's just my one track mind that made me see what I thought I wanted.

Is it from 'Gone' or...?

Yeah it's Gone. Actually I like the lying down idea. And the rumpled sheets and soft sheen on the skin... Better not go any further!

And the rumpled sheets and soft sheen on the skin...Better not go any further!

I know...makes you wanna crawl in there with him, dunnit? ::sigh::

I knew it was 'Gone'! Xander's just gone and Spike's getting ready to tell Buffy off...How sad or telling is it that I can place a Naked!Spike within the episode and the scene? Does it mean I'm Obsesso Girl? Or am I just innocently observant?

I do think he was particularily scrummy in that scene, it's not very surprizing it should stick in the mind. I visit it often.

I know...makes you wanna crawl in there with him, dunnit?

It'd be a very crowded bed, I think! of the things I hated most about S7 was that Spike had to bunk down on cots all the time. I missed not seeing him in that big comfy bed he had down at the crypt.

Obviously way too decadent for a repentant man.


But how about now? I know I'm strange, but it pissed me off when Lindsey made that comment about Spike not needing a bigger bed as he wouldn't be sharing it any time soon not too long ago.
So pleased to see him get his come-uppance after that ;-)

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