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Ho hum.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of writing fan fic, but I couldn't quite work up the enthusiasm to post about it. I seem to be very apathetic to the news of AtS leaving us, maybe because I'd never been as invested in it as much as BtVS - I'm definitely in it for the Spike. Or maybe because I had already assumed crash positions. I don't know.

I'll miss Spike lots, but I already miss him since the soul.

I don't think I'll be going anywhere soon, since there doesn't appear to be viable online fandom for Robin of Sherwood! I'm getting far too much out of LJ to quit now.

Marriage is love.

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I'll miss Spike lots, but I already miss him since the soul.


I'll miss Spike lots, but I already miss him since the soul.

Well, on the upside: now you can fanwank about him and his soul (or lack of it) to your heart's content, without that pesky canon interefering with what you decide you want it to mean all the time. At least, and for the time being, that's my position: Spike's been given over into the hands of his fans -- us.

That's true, but how much insiration comes from new eps etc? The fandom will survive and fic will still get written, it just sad it has to end so soon.

And NO more Spike!

how much inspiration comes from new eps
A lot! I don't know if I could go on writing fanfic if there weren't any new eps to look forward to. Although, having said that, I'd already started writing some original fiction before the news broke. Fanfic has been a way of testing my writing skills and given me the confidence to try the real thing.

I've a lot to thank Spike for - I got into LJ because of him, and now creative writing.

Well Spike returned my muse to me, I'll always thank him for that. I still have plenty to say about him, even though I don't find AtS as inpsiring as BtVS. We do have a mass of material to mine as it stands.

As for orginal stuff, I haven't had the desire lately, but I've done it in the past (I'm actually cannibalising an original story of mine that didn't work for my WIP). I'm not terribly good, the key to it is to create characters that you love and write because you want to know more about them. It's very difficult to do that. Of all the original stories I wrote, only one set fitted that criteria. Of course they were in my completely inaccurate and unmarketable "thriller" and aren't easily moved to another universe!

the key to it is to create characters that you love and write because you want to know more about them
Well the main character I created was based on the young me. So I dare say you can't get closer to creating a character you love than that. LOL

I wanted to explore the whole nature V nurture and the idea of girls and boys games, likes and dislikes, dress etc. It was while I was reading Kate Adie's book about women and war that my own tomboy phase came to mind and the antipathy I found among both family and friends. I wrote a descriptive piece on the gender division in the physical space in the school playground of the 1950s.It begins with the main character being thrown by a pony and her reaction to having to get back on immediately.

Interesting. My parents made a decision to give me toys designed for both sexes when I was younger. So I had dolls and cars etc. What a weirdo they created! LOL!

They made a mistake of giving me a Sindy horse when I was five and that was that. I never was very girly at all. Then I ditched horses and became a goth. Which I haven't really grown out of, but I am now more girly than I have ever been in my life.

And NO more Spike!

You just had to go and spell it out, didn't you? Regardless of the hurt it's causing -- it feels like a slap in the face this Monday morning (I think you just shook me out of my apathy). No more God, I feel sick...

Oh, and I meant to say earlier: Robin of Sherwood -- you mean the one with Michael Praed? I LOVED that. Was gutted it when it ended...expect I'll feel much the same when Angel's aired its last episode.

No more really doesn't bear thinking about, does it?

Sorry. It's the mantra I keep telling myself. It hasn't really sunk in yet.

And yes, that Robin of Sherwood. I loved it as a kid, and I see it as definitive. I bought the DVD's late last year and fell for it over again. There was a dangerous moment when I went looking for the fandom, but it's very small. I had the urge to write some fic, but a plot didn't come (too many Spike thoughts still). The desire has passed now.

There's DVDs?! That clinches it! I'm getting myself a DVD-player as soon as I'm back from America!

But I'll only want the ones for the first series. I never really cared all that much after Jason Connery took over the role. He just never had that Robin-vibe to me, you know what I mean?

Yeah. I don't like the JC ones much either, but seeing the recently I don't think it was actually his fault. I think the production values on the whole series went down.

Actually MP did two series of RoS. So there is four DVD's to get (or 2 box sets), plus two for JC. There is a excellent 'Making of...' documentary. Richard Carpenter the creator seems a lovely man.

My fault - I always use the term 'series' loosely to encompass all the seasons that run consecutively without a definite break or change in production in them. Therefore, in Gamiila-speak, there's only ever been 1 BtVS-series, and 2 of RoS.

But maybe I will get the DVDs for JC, too. After all, it's 20 years on -- I ought to have forgiven him for stepping in my Robin's shoes by now...;-)

Oh, Ok.

As for JC, we'll have to wait and see. It was just not the same.

Congratulations on one year of writing fan fic! That's great.

Yeah, I'm in it for the Spike too. Thank goodness for DVDs.

And the pause button! Hee.


No Spuffy fan could exist without the remote control. All those scenes with other people get in the way! :)

I'm not the only one then. It's amazing how some eps are only 5 minutes long!

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