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My 10 unpopular opinons meme

I wasn't going to do this meme, but I've loved all the answers and it seems to have moved away from fandom opinions to the show. I feel a bit safer now!

My 10 unpopular opinons are:
1. I like Beer Bad
2. Crush is my favourite ep.
3. I don't like season 2.
4. I do like season 4.
5. I really don't like Joyce.
6. Fool for Love makes me cringe in places. Especially that "power shot", ugh.
7. I wouldn't mind if I never saw William again. I have zero interest in him.
8. Season one is awful and the reason I never watched again until season five.
9. Faith bores me rigid.
10. Firefly was pants. So there.

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OOps! Don't think I agree with any of these, except maybe the last one (although I haven't actually seen Firefly, I'm just very prejudiced against it because it distracted Joss too much last year).

That's why they're unpopular opinions!

I gave Firefly a proper go and just bored me rigid. Doesn't mean it couldn't develop into something better given the chance. But I agree, it distracted Joss, so 2 bad points.

I wouldn't say it was pants. I watched the first four or five episodes, though, and after that, I never remembered to set the VCR again (it was on while I was at work) because I simply hadn't grown any connection to it. And I gave it a better chance than I do most new series. (Tru Calling got two outings from me before I decided I'd seen it all.)

It was competently done, but the characters didn't reach out and grab me.

That's the problem. No one made you sit up and say "Who's that?" (like Spike).

The "power shot" makes me cringe too. I love just about the whole of the rest of the episode, but gah, what is the point of that shot?

To make the him look cool, I suppose. But it way too over the top. I have to look away when I see it.

Actually, I've made my peace with this ep, it is good, but too many things about the execution of it bother me greatly.

1. The Party scene. Completely unconvincing and badly acted (not by JM, take note), looks like a bad holodeck ep of ST:TNG.
2. The Scoobies in the cemetery acting like idiots.
3. Riley is a twat. I don't completely dislike him, but he's a twat here.
4. Crap lighting in the Bronze doesn't flatter JM and that just won't do.
5. The fight with the Chinese slayer is boring and lit crap.
6. The aformentioned power shot.
7. DB's accent.

I think that's it. I like everything else. Sorry for the vent!

Hee, vent away. You always make interesting points, and after all, this is your journal!

To make the him look cool, I suppose. But it way too over the top. I have to look away when I see it.

Yes, you're right. There are so many scenes in the episode that illustrate the walking epitome of cool that is Spike, that it didn't really need one that said 'Look How Cool Spike Is' in large shiny letters.

Oh yeah, the party scene. I can't believe an English accent is that hard to affect. Enough said.

I have to say I love the Scoobies taking the piss out of Riley. It's what makes the episode for me. And I do find Spike beautiful in the Bronze, but perhaps I haven't watched those scenes discerningly enough.

As for DB's irish accent? I will never be able to take a flashback that involves him opening his mouth seriously. But it all adds to the fun.

Yeah, laughing at DB is a bit of a sport.

Just had another skim through the ep and there's more!

8. Willow littering really annoys me. Where's that wiccan respect for nature? Find a bin, or put it in your pocket!
9. William being a poet. He wasn't a poet. So he wrote poetry, that doesn't mean thats all he was. The fact it was so bad meant he had to have had something else going on. It's like saying I'm an artist when I only doodle.
10. I don't like Spike's eyeliner. I makes his eyes look beady and small (as it does to me).
11. Dru's awful dress(es). I was thinking of the bad nightie in Brazil, but then realised they're all bad.
12. The presence of Joyce. She's necessary, but yawn.

I do like:
The end.
JM's accent was so much better then. He's trying too hard now.
I do love 1977 Spike, always want more of that.
The aborted kiss in the alley. I wouldn't resisted.
Spike with a gun.
Everything in Brazil.

I agree wholeheartedly with all the "do likes". That final scene is just about my favourite moment in all TV, ever.

I think you have rather excellent points in #8 and #9. #9 especially. Perhaps he was just living off his mother's savings. I wouldn't put it past him. I like Joyce, and the eyeliner, but Dru's dresses are often less flattering than they ought to be. But then, compared to the wigs?

The wigs are a true horror, in that respect JL did rather well.

What are we calling "the power shot"?

It's that slo mo show of the four vampires walking to the camera in China. With the jumping and all that.

I thought it was the accepted term, but no one's understood me!

Um, what's the power shot?

It's that slo mo show of the four vampires walking to the camera in China. With the jumping and all that.

Don't make me think about it please.

It's that slo mo show of the four vampires walking to the camera in China. With the jumping and all that.

Oh right! Didn't offend me in the least, but to each their own! :0)

I've only seen 'Beer Bad' once...but it made me laugh!

I'm not sure that 'Crush' is my favourite episode (I think 'Intervention' may just be that), but it is very special to me in that it was the very first ep I ever saw and it got me me hooked on Spike immediately.

Season 2's OK, inasmuch as it has Spike in it.

What's not to like about Season 4? It's got Spike in it!

I do like Joyce, but not in S2 or 3.

'Fool For Love' makes me cringe in teh same places that it does you. Pls, basly researched. No Victorian gentleman would have shown up to a party dressed in a day suit like William was.

William -- aww. He's cute...sort of.

Faith - is a cooler Slayer than Buffy.

Can't comment on 'Firefly'. I've never seen it. But I didn't care for Caleb, who I believe was a left-over from that show.

I love intervention too. Crush was one of the first eps I saw (after I gave up in S1). I don't see the problem with it that others seem too. I loved Spike in it, but Buffy was quite in the right there.

The problem I have with the S3 Faith storyline probably is the lack of Spike though.

That and Faith sucked.
I mean, she tried to rape and/or kill Xander and got away with it clean. Never got that the scoobs seemed to care so little over that.

Well they managed to get over everything else, didn't they? That does bug me about TV, nothing ever really has a consequence unless its directly relevant to the plot.

Yeah, it just sucks when you consider how they never let Spike forget about the AR, whereas Faith got to make jokes about having had sex with Xander.

I still think that instead of the boring and meaningless Wood/Faith sex and bonding, they should have had a Xander-Faith talk in which they finally talk things out. Not in a ship-way, but as something that Faith at the very least needed to try and make up for.

Hell, that to me would have been a much more interesting way to have Faith learn that not all men are users who just want her for sex. Xander sure didn't. He just wanted to talk and she nearly killed him for it.

Hee. Feel I've hit personal nerve there, eh?

What you are suggesting would have been a lot better. It would've drawn Xander back into the storyline and got Wood off the screen (why couldn't something have eaten him?) as well as getting Faith to the same place.

yeah,definite personal nerve here *g*
I just hate how they have Buffy ramble on about being cookie dough as if she needs to be ready before she can have a relationship (and with her 'soulmate' no less, note the sarcasme here).

Whereas they seem to find it absolutely necessery to have Faith end the show in a relationship with the guy who tried to murder Spike. A man who's never even admitted he was wrong about Spike and seems to get rewarded for it.

And Joss still doesnt see the wrong there...

sorry, issues

Not sure being with Faith is a reward.

I can't say I've thought much about this, as I don't care about either of them!

What I do hate though is the cowardly way they didn't resolve the S/B storyline. I would've prefered to have him turn her down or get together in Touched and then been separated. As a viewer who has invested a lot of time and emotion into that storyline, I'd've like to have seen a satisfactory resolution. They could've had one of the greatest TV romances ever with only a little effort and they screwed it up. Damn.

I'm just thinking how much more meaningfull chosen would have been if not for the B/A kiss.
If Buffy had just told Angel she's with Spike now and that she thinks she might love him.

that would have given Angel some actual reason for his jealousy of Spike, instead of making Buffy look bad and forcing Buffy-fans like me into fanwanking her behavior in order to keep liking her.

You shouldn't have to bend canon to keep liking someone. For a main character to be written that way is appalling really.

Saw an episode of AtS S3 yesterday (and amazingly, stayed awake throughout), and Faith was in it. Two things: 1) she still puts me in mind of Rizzo, the only character in 'Grease' I've got time for; 2) she's best enjoyed in small doses, like in BtVS. Give her more air time, and she becomes quite exasperating.

'Fool For Love' makes me cringe in teh same places that it does you. Pls, basly researched. No Victorian gentleman would have shown up to a party dressed in a day suit like William was.

Not only that, but he would never have addressed her as "Cecily," it would have been "Miss Adams," and she would have called him "Mr. (whatever his surname was)"

And then there's "the wig," which went on to star in a remake of "Alf."

And then there's "the wig," which went on to star in a remake of "Alf."

Oh yes! Yes! Don't see why so many people think its attractive. And that's actually the one scene that I look at James and know he's not English. I doesn't look it at all.

Lessee, there are some in here I can get on board with:

1. Me too!
2. Not my favorite, but *a* favorite. And definitely the reason I trust Fury with Spike.
4. 'nother me too.
7. Absolutely! I don't mind the flashbacks, but William, in general, is just not interesting.
8. Not a big fan of S1, myself, as a season. Some good eps, though.
10. What's pants?


I refuse to curb my britishisms for non-Brits! Hee. Then how would anyone know I'm me?
Its quite a modern one though, couldn't see Spike saying it.

I thought this meme going round would get people's backs up, but its all proved rather interesting.

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