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Stuff and more stuff

This week has been dull as ditchwater at work.

The upshot of this is that I've been sneakily writing while trying to look busy. Got my spiketara November challege done at last, and it's off to gamiila and calove to look at as soon as they're free, but it isn't the sequel to the Cat and Dogs I was planning. This sequel, provisionally titled "Naughty Thoughts", has been driving me nuts for the past month. It's only 900 words yet it's sending me mental because I can't get the damn thing to flow properly. I also made some headway plotting out a much longer fic, which is getting quite daunting in scale (remember folks, 8 pages is daunting for me, so far - this'll be waaay bigger than that). How do people do it? And do it so well?

I've written nearly 17,000 words this year. I am so impressed with that, after being blocked for so long!

Gratuitous quiz:

Like lapetiteflower I have to do all the Goth tests.

Yet Another Goth Test

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Wow - didn't realise that you were the author of Cats and Dogs (the link above doesn't work at the mo' by the way.)

I'm sooooo envious of those who can write fiction. I can do factual stuff and have beta-ed for people (notably onetwomany) but can't do anything other than poetry in the non-factual area.

Hope you didn't mind that I'd snagged a couple of icons in honour of the Rugby World Cup final tomorrow. Can't let those Ozzies taunt us can we?

Whoops! Mucked up the link. Works now.

Nah, I don't mind about the icons. I don't really know about the Rubgy, but it would be nice to win something for a change.

As for the fic, there's several fics for that challenge called Cat and Dogs (hope you're thinking of the right one!). I wrote a lot as a teenager, then was blocked for years. Its those damn plots that are hard. One of the purposes of having an LJ was to get writing again, and its working nicely.

My poetry is lamentable though.

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