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Halloween Advent Update

I have being meaning to post this for awhile, but when I remember to actually do it, the time is a bit late and I have to go to bed.

Anyway, the Halloween Advent Calendar now as a roof! And is black (and grey).

The roof isn't all individual tiles, but die cut lengths about 20cm long. It still took a couple of days to stick it all on and distress the tiles a little with green, brown and black Distress Ink. Yes, it was still Christmas and no I haven't done much since.

 photo 20151224_120717_zpskseelegk.jpg

 photo 20151224_120705_zpsohrfy6v9.jpg

In other news, I have a Mr Scattybones bag and you don't! :) (this will be meaningless for anyone not following sb_fag_ends. This is a ghostly cat of my own design)

 photo 20160115_124033_zpsf3akpdor.jpg

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MR SCATTYBONES!!!!!!! I can't believe he's on a bag. He's going to get his own gameshow next!

And the house looks amazing - it must have taken you forever.

Now I am imagining him presenting 15 to 1.

It was quite easy, but yeah, it took a while.

I think he'd be good at it... He's had a lot of practice selling dazzle dust.

Then maybe cash in the attic would suit him better.

Oooh, or Bargain Hunt.

This is making me think that when I get a shelf for Things I should really find a nice little frame and print off the dazzled pumpkin, who was ultimately my fave. Though it's a close run thing with Pamela the ladybird...

ETA - oh, and the sweet dragon!! And the skull!

Edited at 2016-01-15 10:25 pm (UTC)

You could have a bag!

I almost went for Sherbet or the vomiting pumpkin.

It is tempting... But then my Cath Kidston giraffes would be abandoned!!

And I can just imagine the looks on people's faces if you went around with the vomiting pumpkin. Although poor gobblemonster. :(

They are bound to fall to bits eventually!

People often have those sorts of reactions to my bags.

Both really are truly wonderful!

The house is coming along! Love the roof...

And your bag is AWESOME! *g*

happy birthday! hope it's been devine.

totally love your halloween advent - my son would go gaga over such an object. lots of hard work put into that one i can tell. what sorts of items do you find to put in it?

and your bag - awesome! isn't it wonderful to get one's art onto a useful object? it just makes everything seem better.

again - happy day!

Re: birthday birthday!

Thank you! It has been good.

I haven't totally decided what is going into the calendar. Most of the boxes are very small and it would be hard to put decent gifts in them, so I am going to put in things like metal charms and miniatures I have acquired over the years in them and make every box themed. For example, there will be an Egyptian themed box and I have a Lemax spooky town figure of a mummy to go in it.

And plus, no one else has a bag like mine!

Running in with belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes! I hope you had a good day (nice to have a birthday at the weekend!!).

Thank you! It was pretty good.

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