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It's the Paralympics turn!

I've had no internet since Saturday, but the engineer has been, so it's all go for the Paralympic Opening Ceremony! I think it's expected of me by now.

Stephen Hawking narrated goodness! (hopefully) Who could miss that?

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I'll probably have to dip in and out because I have visitors and so much to do, but can I just say, I luurve John Snow. He is my secret boyfriend (in my dreams anyway).

I like John Snow well enough, but I'm not sure he's right for this job - just a touch too much gravitas I think.

Bleugh I just turned off the TV, I'm not having David Cameron on it.

And now they've spoilt it all. It'll be Iain Duncan Smith taking away all their benefits because they can't be disabled if they're competing in sport, can they?

The hypocrisy is absolutely breathtaking.

Shut uu-up! Oh, he has. And was that John Snow being snarky? Oh, I hope so.

Eee! A montage! I love sports montages.

I suppose that was inevitable.

Mind you, he's doing the usual. So he likes wheelchair basketball because it's more violent? Hmm.


Clare Balding didn't take long to start her new job.

Oh fuck this. Cameron and bloody Boris! Why the hell don't they just go straight into the ceremony?

Why can't they go straight to hell?

Lets hope it gets the taste of Cameron outta my mouth.

The brollies'll come in handy if it rains. And yay! Stephen Hawking!

It's not a familiar song to me, it's bloody awful.

So far I think It's nicer then the other closing ceremony.

Wish the broadcast sound was a bit clearer though.

Ah, so that's what the giant apple is all about. Have to say, I was too dim to realise that on my own. Thanks, Krishnan.

So that's what a Higgs' Boson looks like. Who'd a thunk it?

I never knew you could fit so many people in it!

They're singing that really well. They make is sound quite nice- a feat considering what a dirge the tune is.

Yeah a lot of people on Twitter are saying the same thing right now. :)

Ooh, good choice for the athletes' parade. I adore this song.

I haven't known any of the music so far.

Whilst they're all walking around I'm afraid I've skipped over to BBC 1 to see dear old Patrick Stewart on 'Who do you think you are'. *g*

I'm saving that for the iPlayer.

I am very bored now.

Okay, John, that was a bit of a downer. But yay! for Democratic Republic of Congo!

Right, John. That's it. Enough with the politics. It's too depressing.

I think Channel 4's lack of a cohesive channel sport presentation 'team' is the problem here. It's been left to the News people and they are all hard journalists and this needs a bit more lightness.

Eh up, Gandalfs back again. :d

I unfortunately missed the coverage, but I did listen to an interview with the Belgian flag bearer, and he was talking about how happy he was with the increased press coverage compared to previous Paraolympics.

I got a bit bored, even before the athletes parade, but I liked the individual elements. it was definitely better than the olympic closing ceremony though.

I missed it as was otherwise occupied, but did like radio 4 this morning 'Stephen Hawkin... 'Why isn't that SirStephen Hawking?'

that's a very good point. why isn't he knighted?

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