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Love and Rockets - Terry

I am Bogwitch and I am an Olympics addict, who knew?

Me. But I was only ever really into the horsey sports (I'm still speechless over Team GB's Showjumping Gold. And Dressage!!!! Though I'm a little sore over the Eventing Silver as that's my favourite). This time I watched (in varying amounts) swimming (pool and free water), fencing, modern pentathlon (the pentathlon showjumping was a hoot), rowing, cycling (road and track), hockey, sailing, athletics, gymnastics, tennis, Judo, boxing... all sorts. Was it only two weeks?

Anyway, what am I going to do now? Go back to watching endless repeats of QI and Time Team? Probably.

But first who wants to chat about the Closing Ceremony????


Now, why was it I was hoping you'd run something like this? Could it be that my working life has fallen apart this last week (and beyond) but I am going to crack the whip on myself tomorrow? Could it be that I'm drinking to leftover party!port and there's only so long I can sing along to The Jam on my own? ???


(PS. My parents, who apparently made it to the athletics to see Mo Farah win the double have indeed secured a (small) gold Wenlock!!!!)

Ah, I had a feeling it would be expected of me.

I'm dreading the wheeling on of the dreadful people, but I have hope.

(Don't tell my mum they saw that. Good to hear that Wenlock was secured. I will have to live with my Team GB mug).

Jolly good. It's more fun watching with friends.

That flipping Orbit tower still looks like something out of Mordor or War of the Worlds crawling into the stadium.

I really actually thought that was a Twenty Twelve thing until they started showing the Olympic Park on telly. Proper ugly.

I know this isn't Danny Boyle, but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm so excited!

Velvet skirt with matching brothel creepers? Never would have thought of it, but it's a nice style choice.

(Though Emeli Sandé in pop mode is not the most auspicious opening.)

Yay, Sue's with us too!

Drummers on bungees!

Churchill impersonating Ken Branagh!

This is like the weird afterparty trip version of the opening ceremony. Newspaper cars???

Her Maj couldn't face it again then.

Or she's arriving by bungee like the drummers?

Michael Caine and Del Boy!

Madness! Now thats more like it! :D

Coldsteam Blur because they are too busy in Hyde Park.

And now some sort of kindergarten talent show. Awww.

I'm worried I'm not liking it... They're soundsystem isn't quite dense enough - and it's all slightly twee. Where's the darkness?

Oh, fuck; random boy band. Still actually young? Is this One Direction? I've always avoided these people.

I don't understand the paper hats on the Pet Shop cyclists.

I think it's a surreal Pet Shop Boys thing.

This is your country, Boggles!!!! No shame allowed...

If all else fails drag out Stomp.

I said to my mum he'd turn up.

Waterloo Sunset!

Cue my mother saying, as she always does with this song, 'but, Quin, if you haven't walked across Waterloo Bridge at sunset you just don't know'. Only with slightly more my-mummish phrasing.

You should do it then, to shut her up.

Tragically I have no idea who this next singer is? Yes I'm that out of it.

I don't know either. Not my thing.

Well, after the Opening (which ran over?) they aren't half marching in the athletes this time...

WTF are those sparkly jump suits with the weird cone pony tails? I thought they were a country's poor choice, but they're us!!! Sigh.

Er... Who's this bloke?

All the flags have minders with strange hair.

By strange you mean terrible.

Oh, is that who it is? It's very boring.


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