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Meg and Mog - hootnanny

I know I'm usually a bit of an old cynic, but...

I'm actually quite excited about the Olympic opening ceremony!

Anyone want to join me for a virtual comment party? All nationalities welcome!

Grab a drink and mingle! Snark welcome! Moaning possibly not.

Well I'll be phasing in and out of lj land.

Got to watch the opening though as my mate has spent god knows how many months working on the thing. *g*

I'll save you a space! Um...

I'm sure it'll be great.

Yeah! The opening thing is the only thing I'm interested in.

Just let me get my laptop set up so I can see the telly...

No doubt I shall l be treated to all sorts of sports by my mother, but it's only eventing and show jumping I care about. I've got to see if this is going to be embarrassing or not.

Hmmm. A posse of Jane Austen heroines?

It wouldn't surprise me.

It started in Hobbiton, and now we've had the Scourging of the Shire...

I do love the drumming.

And now it's bleedin corgis.

I can't tell if all the lights in the stadium are meant to be there, or if they're just everyone's phones...

Oh, not more bloody children...

The queen is about to abseil into the arena....!

Or parachute?

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She's wearing the same outfit - and looks very jolly. I liked that touch of humour.

Still a bit of The Shire left on the hill.

Not sure about the nurses bit...

I love the nurses and the bouncy beds!

JKRowling. Gawd 'elp us. No Potter, please!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee!! And Rowan!!!!

I may begin to lose the thread... I've decided a very large martini will go with this all very well. And a few cold cocktail sausages that happen to be lurking in the fridge... and maybe some more martini...

I only had toast available.

Oh - hobittses dancing on the hill....


(Oh, phew, and it was Dizzee... I was worried they'd lost me.)

I think that was where I tuned out.

I just saw the Snaefell - she is one of OUR boats! she was parked in the Mersey.

Awww... Lots of happy randomers.

And now it's all the flag marching. Time for a loo break.

Yeah, suddenly it's all Olympics again.

I notice quite a few contingents are in pale outfits, so they show up in the dark. Were they warned, I wonder?

They are planting the flags in the hill - actually it is beginning to look less Shire and more Tynwald... OMG I live in Middle Earth - and Hazel Irving just said Lord of the Rings...


Watching the teams wandering around the track is beginning to pall, after the heady thrill of the first part. I still yearn to know what the kettles are for though.

Can anyone work out how long the bit after the countries is going to be? I'm absolutely shattered, but I don't want to miss the copper bonanza...

I can only tell you that the coverage ends at 12.30am.

I am not paying a lot of attention to this part of things, but I am at least happy to see that the BBC commentators have at least 3 cogent facts about each team to recount to us. Nice change from the Jubilee.

We'll have to consider that the trial run.

Team GB are on at 12... *groan*

Students are supposed to be nocturnal, especially on Fridays. Man up.

Oh God, we've only got to 'M'.

But aww, a nation of 20m represented by 6 people (Mozambique). That screams poverty.

The copper petal thingies seem to be getting bigger. Is it going to be an outsize chrysanth?


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