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Photographic evidence!

Anyone want to see my burnt arm?

That was yesterday lunchtime, the blister has gone now. Fortunately, it doesn't really hurt that much any more, but it itches like crazy. Just as well it has a dressing on.


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Just watch out around your kettle!

/end public service announcement

Ouch! That looks painful. :(

It was at first, not so much after it blistered (unless I knocked it). Now it just itches.

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You did a good job of that - no half measures...!

It's amazing what a moment against a kettle spout can do!

Wicked looking burn! Hope the itching stops soon. ♥

So do I. I suppose its a good sign though.


You really know how to damage yourself!

Look after yourself and that nasty burn.

I can't be trusted to make my own breakfast! And to think I work in heath and safety!

Oh, geez! I spilled hot grease on my hand once. Most painful thing I ever did to myself. You have my complete sympathy. Also, ow!

It turned out much worse than when I poured boiling water down my side (bloody kettles), it's not as painful as the muscle I pulled in my side once - that made me throw up.

Gah, OWWW!! D: Hope the itching stops and it heals nice and quickly...

I might get an impressive scar!

Ouch! Glad you're okay.

Thanks, I'm going to live. :)

Ow! Ow! It looks so painful!!

Hope it heals quickly and doesn't scar.

Thanks. It's not too bad. It was pretty sore when I did it, but painkillers took care of that.

Ouch! I'm glad it's not hurting as much today, but that looks extraordinarily painful.

It was pretty sore when I did it, but I've had worse.

Oh you poor thing! That looks very painful. I'm glad it is healing, but the itching sure is a bitch. Sometimes I think the itchies are worse than the pain.

Feel better. *HUGS*

Yeah, it's very itchy, but at least it's behind a dressing where I can't get at it.

Lovely, now wrap it back up.

Don't worry I did! I took the pic during the dressage change.


I had a burn that looked like that once, after I'd accidentally ironed my thigh. It turned into a scar later, but I can't detect it now so it's just one more example of all being well that ends well.

I've done something similar on a 100w lightbulb before as well. That scarred, but you can only see it if I have a bath.

Ironing your thigh? That's a rather extreme cellulite treatment!

My mum thinks all these people commenting on my injuries is very strange!

Eeep! That looks painful, sending healing vibes asap.

Thank you. It's okay mostly, except when I knock it, then it's ARRRGGHH!!!!!

Good Christ, that looks painful!

It wasn't the most pleasant of experiences, no, but it's not too bad.

Ow! Hope it's healing nicely.

Thank you. It's getting there. It's certainly nowhere near as gruesome now.

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