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It's my birthday! I got a sofa! Okay, I had to buy the other sofa so they would both match and now I'm very, very skint, but hey, free sofa!


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Happy birthday!!!! SOFA!!! What does it look like?

Er. Sofa shaped?

My parents bought a three seater and I bought a 2.

It's white at the moment, but when I can afford it, I'll probably by grey covers.

It's white at the moment, but when I can afford it, I'll probably by grey covers.

Yes, I was thinking - no curries for you on that! But still, I have rare contact with sofas these days, so to me it's quite exciting...

I'm covering it with a blanket so the moulting cat hairs don't covering.

Maybe I'll take a picture later so you can vicariously imagine the luxury of sofadom.

Ooh, sofa!porn... I'm sure my computer chair is feeling inadequate now, but there are only so many things wheels can compensate for.

You can't lay down of a computer chair.

Be careful with that! I sought to protect my white (leather) sofa from cat scratches and moulting by covering it with a blanket...but one of them has had an accident on it and now the orange of the blanket has bled into the white and I've got no clue how to get that stain out.

Well, the white is a compromise anyway, so if it gets stained I am going to get covers of a decent colour later anyway. My biggest problem is that white decent go with any of my stuff.

Yay! Happy Birthday and enjoy the new sofa :)

Thank you, the cat and I will.

Happy birthday!

New sofa sounds very exciting. Nice and comfy, I hope!


It is, although a little high. You feel a bit perched!

Happy Birthday! :D

And yay for new sofas!

Thanks. It's an awesome present.

(Deleted comment)
Happy Birthday! Have cake! Hurrah for a birthday sofa, too!

Thanks, there has been lots of cake!

Happy Birthday, Boggy!!!


Heeee I was a whole day early!!! LOL!! Glad you had a good day :)

It's better than late!

Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your sofa. :):)

Thanks, it's very comfy.

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