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They really do make everything a doll might need, don't they?


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Good Grief!

As for they make everything - do they make wee dildos for Barbie? If not then there is a gap in the market...

I haven't found one yet, but I suspect it won't be long. I found bondage gear.

Yes - I had a feeling that would have already have been done...

How could anyone resist?

(Brings a whole new aspect to those post office ads - I saw this and thought of you...! Or in this case me.)

There a joke about swords and thrusting in there somewhere.

Are you bored at work by any chance?

Not much chance of that at the moment. I wasn't at work when I saw these.

ROFL. You mean an ex-sex bomb.

She's pining for the wadi.

That'll be handy for shopping in Tesco's eh?

If you want the place to yourself!

Yeah, well I guess if you are Ken, and want however many virgin female dolls for eternity, it is just the accessory for you. Then, they never say what the dolls look like or what their attitudes are....he's going to hell.

That's an awful lot of dead virgins over time.

Maybe hell is going to heaven, but with Ken's lack of tackle.

The question is, is this the most amusing way to get yourself on the CIA's list of people to watch? Or is there something better?

It's the kind of things I might buy for the amusement of it, but I thought twice (for a change) for precisely that reason.

Yeah - I can imagine it's the sort of silly information someone in a dingy office is collecting somewhere: peculiar fascination with creating suicide-bomber dolls...

I'm probably on that list now, and so are all of you! Dawn raids people! Be prepared!

I found an almost Illyria suit:


Ooh, cool. Though I think it would need layering with other bits and bobs to really become Illyria - looks a bit like goth diving gear on their model...

Run to the hills!!!!!

It isn't perfect, no. but it's a start. I actually have a doll that might be thin enough too.

Are you going to do her hair blue as well? (Oh! I remember one of the Barbies released when I was little came with hair you could colour in with these pens that came with it...)

I used some permanent cd pens to colour a Daisy doll's hair once, but Mulan's hair is already black so 'it'll have to be extensions or such.

That could be easily done, but I suspect mess will ensue.

That and Tampons® and Barbie® is all set, isn't she◊?

◊feminism trademarked by the Gloria Steinham Trust Foundation.

I hope she doesn't muddle them up.


Yes, that works for me. Can't think of a better use for her...

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