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It's been an okay birthday, i suppose. It's doesn't really feel like a birthday unless there's presents. I get those tomorrow.

Still, I went to see Avatar with the full 3D experience and really liked it, even if it's ultra predictable, but I don't think I've ever cried so much at a film! I really must be getting old.


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I really must be getting old.

You can't be old yet; I need to catch up!!

Good to know you've got your birthday priorities write.

Ooh - I just rewatched the Being Human episode with Gilbert and naturally it reminded me of you. Are birthdays a bourgeois concept, d'you think?

Did I actually just type 'write' instead of 'right'?? It's things like this that make suspect I might have some sort of dyslexia lurking and waiting to pounce...

I type wrong words all the time, often I'm not even thinking them.

That's reassuring. Can we blame keyboards?

I think we should. All keyboards are evil. But not as evil as printers.

Boo, printers! Though sometimes I think scanners are worse.

I don't have much business with them - only in tandem with the printers. Maybe they are in league.

CONSPIRACY. With the photocopiers working intel.

When they are all bundle in one, that;s when you have to worry.

It's a plan to take over our brains!

Aging is terrifying, don't do it! I didn't take 30 well, I think 40 will give me a breakdown.

I loved Gilbert. We have a lot in common. It's all bourgeois. That's the thing.

I'm going to stop wanting to age soon, almost certainly, but at the moment the future's still bright and Orangey. Don't think about 40 - 'tis far away.

It's all bourgeois. That's the thing.

OK... *nods*

Stop now, you'll thank yourself for it. I wish I'd stayed 23. I loved being 23.

Making it through finals (last exams ever, please let it be so) is currently the goal, but after that I'll happily go into stasis.

I only had two exams in my entire uni career, such is the modular degree. Although the Politics exam was not a pleasant experience.

*shakes fist* I will only have three that will actually count for my grade (combined with my dissertation). There scare me rather a lot. (Exams =/= my strong point, though I used to be better at faking.)

I had average scores from my essays and the double weighted dissertation. That reminds me, I was going to send you that,,,

Oh yes, please do - I shall read it and go 'ooh'...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you had fun (read: cried your way through) Avatar and I hope you get lots of lovely prezzies tomorrow. ♥

Thanks. The blue people saved the day!

Wishing you Happy Birthday , and enjoy opening your presents today!

I'm glad you had fun at Avatar , I loved it and those blue people are so endearing. Predictable indeed but so beautifully entertaining.

Thanks. Predictable annoys me, but this was so beautifully done I didn't mind so much.

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I don't think I've ever cried so much at a film! I really must be getting old.

I'd better not watch it, then. I cry at pretty much everything these days.

Glad you had a good birthday anyway, and hope you enjoy your presents today.

I can also use my period as an excuse.

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