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Snow by Justgoto

The apocalypse is nigh!

Or so the News would have you think.

It's just started to snow here in the 'stead. Wish me luck.


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*looks out of window* Oh bugger, it's doing it here too. :0

You might be far enough East to escape the worst at least.

Oh I bloody well hope so as I've got to go into town tomorrow. :0

Luckily, I thought to bring some work home with me, so it's not imperative I get into work.

*snort* Yeah, definitely apocalypse. We've had a smattering too - I'm feeling the eep.

It looks like its settling for the duration anyway.

I've been surprised at how quickly this year I've become bored of snow. It's like living somewhere not Britain or something.

It's nice when you don't have to travel and the flakes are lightly falling around you - that never fails to make me smile.

But it just implies four days of slowly more deadly sludge.

Sludge is fine, it;s ice that worries me.

No one ever bothers gritting pavements. :(

That's because no one has any salt and everyone is too lazy to shovel the snow properly. If everyone did the bit outside their home, we'd all be a lot better off.

True enough. But it's so cold!

That is a definite problem. It was 18 degrees in my flat when I got in!

Brr! We were driving home last night and it was -5!!

it was colder the night before I thought.

I think I've lost all ability to tell the difference between various levels of cold...

I just use my weather station.

Sneaky! You should be judging by the calls of birds and how fast a leaf crumbles. Or something.

I just look to see if the weather girl has her hat on.

Nothing here yet. We are forecast for heavy snow early tomorrow morning. I sent MWNN out for supplies today, just in case.

It feels like the winter we moved here from London (1980-1981). We were totally snowed in January 1981.

I remember that Winter quite well, it was very exciting. It might have been the year my dad made the Blue Peter sledge.

Reports from Dunstable say its just started there, so you should see something soon.

It's been snowing here all day, and isn't showing any sign of stopping yet!

We've been told to expect 'extreme snowfall', which is not alarmist at all!

C4 weather forecast was definitely apocalyptic. Boringly it looks as if we'll be the bit in the middle with hardly any snow...

Stay warm and safe!

The BBC had extended weather forecasts. We're all doomed!

Lucky you, although it is all very exciting.

Fortunately, even if I do venture to work I don't have to go far.

We appear to have a couple of inches at most. We could get more overnight, but it seems to have headed in your direction now. Good luck with it!

I want snow!!!!!!!! *stamps foot*

Not one fluffy flake here yet!!!!!

I want a snow day and no work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I find it hard to believe you'll miss it.

It's not snowing here, yet...

*puts hat on and awaits the apocalypse*

You might just miss it, but it'll get you in the end!

here, the high school to the west about 1 mile shut, to the east about 1 and 1/2 miles shut, us? barely a few flakes on the ground! we were open :)

Maybe you have blessed ground or something. :)

I think our kids felt deeply cheated!

Even WE have snow... honestly!

Granted it was only about 3" - but as we live on a steep hill this was something of a problem! So I took a day's holiday. It is now like an ice-rink out there, but I'm hoping there'll be buses on the main road tomorrow so's I can get somewhere near the office, and show willing!

I was about to say we hadn't had any here yet and then I looked out of the window. Only a light covering so far though!

It's not heavy here, but it's determined!

They are saying we may have some flurries (or sleet) tomorrow. I think snow once a winter is really more than enough, but my kids are excited about it. Personally, I'd be happy with temperatures back up in the 50's.

Sounds good to me right now.

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