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Welcome home Tegan!

I can stop boring you all with all my sadness now!

Two boys found her hiding in some holly bushes in completely the opposite direction to the one I've been looking in, although I must have passed her at some point. My dad and I fished her out of there tonight.

She's okay, a little thin, very dirty and there's a problem with her claw, but she's fine and she's here, purring away.

Hurrah! The boys will get their reward tomorrow!


OMG THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Welcome home Tegan!


She's delighted to be here!

It feels like home again. :)

*points to icon*

Don't think I ever commented, but I've been keeping her (and you, obviously) in my thoughts and prayers. I love happy endings! :)

Thanks. It's been a very traumatic month, but at least there was a happy ending.

YAY!!!! Oh, I'm so very very happy to hear that!

Awesome, wonderful news. Cuddle her lots from me.


I've tried so tried to find her and I'd practically given up, but here she is!

Wonderful news:)

I'm so happy for you both:)


Thanks. Now I just have to clean her up.

Yay! So glad to hear it!

Yay!! Thats wonderful news!! *g*

Not news I expected either!

Does Dance of the Happy Cat Owner for you!

That's lovely news, thank you for sharing the happy!

It's nice to have some good news to tell!

That is amazing! I'm so delighted for you!

I have to say people have been brilliant, especially the kids, all of them, not just the ones that found her.



I'm so enormously happy for you both, I can't begin to describe it. What a relief!

I'm so proud of her for surviving!

We're going to have a chat about jumping out of the window though.

That's absolutely amazing. I'm overjoyed for you.

Wbat a remarkable cat to have survived for so long.

Well done those boys. And well done Tegan.

She defies the odds this little one does.

The kids have been great, all of them.

Oh my gosh!! Wow. After all this time?!?!? That's absolutely fantastic!

She survived somehow, plucky little thing.

Oh well done */reserved British congratulations*


Absolutely! I deserve a drink!

Thank God! (and those boys)

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The kids deserve their reward, especially if you'd seen where they'd found her!

Yay! It's really true what they say about cats having nine lives and I'm so pleased she's been found. Well done to those boys :)

She might not be as agile as a normal cat, but she's done so well. I'm so proud of her.

OMG - I saw your post at the top of my Friends page and froze. I had to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU, and for Tegan of course.

When you are suitably composed and inclined, I hope you'll let us know how she reacted when you were reunited and after she found herself home, safe and sound. She must have been quite traumatized.

I'm so happy I have good news to tell.

Okay, here goes. I'd got the call from the boys while I was at work. Luckily I don't work far away so I went to have a look. The boys showed me where they;d seen her, but she'd gone. I then went out about 7 with my dad, going back to the same place. I called her, but nothing. Then we caught sight of this cat and I thought it wasn't her, but we followed it into the holly bush and cornered it. When I saw her face I knew it was her, but she didn't want to come out (why did it have to be holly?!). I shook her tin of treats (she loves those) and that certainly got a meow! The bugger still wouldn't come out though so my dad climbed in and grabbed her.

When she got home she hoovered up a bowl of food then stomped about the flat yowling. Thankfully she's settled a bit now and is enjoying the comfort of the sofa!

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I'm over the moon elated for you. I couldn't say anything before because frankly I'm too emotional about cats them being missing because I'm so emotionally attached to my own cats.

I'm so happy for you :)

Thanks. I understand. The sheer force of the upset this has had on me took me by surprise, even though my parents have lost cats (and got them back) before.

YAY!!! Oh, I'm so pleased for you!

Thanks. I can go back to being miserable about the writing now!

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No more adventures for this one, I think!


That's wonderful \0/

My heart always thought she was alive, if my head sometimes didn't.

I'm so glad to hear your girl is back home and safe.

Now I just have to get used to the wake up calls at 4.30 again.

so, so pleased for you both!
(she must have some ferret in her;)

It's funny, I always thought she was a bit rabbity.


EEE!!! HOORAY!!! Tegan is the ninja-master of survival, clearly! (Though I'm sure she's glad to be home again.)

She's a bit thin and now (after a bit of a wash and a brush) only has rather dirty paws, but you'd never guess she'd been away.

Oh my gosh!!!!!! I am so happy for you both! *is teary*

Oh YAY!!!!! I'm so glad she's home safe and warm. She was probably so very scared out there all on her own and not knowing the way. :-D

She seems to be very pleased she's back anyway. I'm not sure she'll feel the same after a visit to the v.e.t. tomorrow.


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