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Still no cat and the weather has worsened.

I'm beginning to accept I won't see her again.


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Don't say that. My kitty disappeared and came back 3 months later. Bloody mooch was living with a neighbor and decided to come back when it pleased his almightiness.

Maybe. But 1. I don't think she's that type of cat, 2. All the neighbours know, 3. she doesn't know where home is.

I'm really sorry. :( Such a nightmare, not knowing for sure. *hugs*

I think it's the end of the panic and reality setting in.

I am very sorry. But remember, animals know a lot more than we sometimes give them credit for. Dogs and cats have been known to find their way back home from astoundingly long distances.

I know, but even if she came home - assuming she knows where that is, which I doubt - I love upstairs and I'd never know.

I'm so sorry. ((hugs))

I'm still hoping that she's going to turn up, but I understand why you're preparing yourself. *hugs*

Yeah, the odds of getting her back seem to be getting slimmer.

I'm hoping she may surprise all of us yet but believe you are probably right. :(

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I just can't keep up this searching three times a day to achieve nothing.

As has been said, she may still turn up, but it's harder to keep up hope as time goes by. It's the not knowing that's the hardest to take. *hugs*

The emotion is very motivating, but I've done everything and now the emotion is easing it's getting harder to get out and search for no results.

I understand how you feel. We lost one of ours over this past winter. He went outside just like always-and...he just never came back. And then there was a blizzard over the next week after he left. We had to accept that he was not coming back. It was hard, but you'll come to terms and possibly get a new cat.

I'll get a new cat after Christmas probably.

Just a note from someone you don't know - to say years ago my idiot brother had let our indoor cats outside accidentally. We had gotten five out of six back - the sixth, a tortoise shell and nervous of people and, well, everything, hadn't. Every night for two weeks one of us would go out, with a slice of cheese (they always bugged for cheese and came when they heard the crinkle of the wrapper) - and crinkled it, calling her name. We figured it was hopeless after searching for her, but she did, one night, come running back. Here's hoping you have the same sort of luck, hugs and best wishes

Thanks. I've lost heart, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking! Two weeks does seem to be the tipping point a lot of the time.

Thanks. I'm not handling this very well.

Fluffy wandered off (and my parents live next to a wood with foxes) and didn't come back. We gave up. He returned a year later, calmly sauntered in and jumped on Dad's knee. Don't give up. Someone may have taken pity on her and brought her in and not seen your notices ::hugs you::

I'd feel better if she was an outdoor cat. My parents had one that went missing for six months twice, but she was a survivor.

I imagine how you feel. I'm sorry . Keep hoping though, it's been ten days but you never know. ::hugs::

Some part of me will hope, I miss her.

Really sorry. Many hugs.

Thanks. The search will continue though.

Oh, :( . I had really hoped you would find her. I'm so sorry.

I think you're doing the right thing to move on from the hyper-alert you've been on, though I don't think all hope is lost yet. Not by any means.

The odds against her just aren't good, for all my efforts.

I'm so, so sorry. :-( I still hope she'll turn up.


you are probably right but we lost a polecat for 6 weeks and got him back, he had been taken to the Rspca, we had told them he was lost, but they didn't inform us when he turned up, sheer luck, and a bizarre set of coincidences brought him home - it can happen

You'd think they'd pick up on a missing polecat.

I know there's still a chance, which is why I'm still looking, but I have to let my emotions move on and accept she might not return.

I'm so, so sorry.

If she gets cold and hungry enough to cry around your house/apartment, even if she hides from your neighbors, they'd report seeing her, wouldn't they? Or if she really can't find her way home, maybe between the colder weather and hunger, she'll become desperate enough to let a stranger help her. Just saying, there's room for hope, but I completely understand you having to start easing up on your intensive search activities for the sake of your own sanity.

Still hoping for both your sakes though.

I hope so too.

Maybe I need to put up some pictures of what I'm dealing with. As I back onto a park, everything is very open and full of people in the immediate area. If she did come back she'd be taking an enormous risk. I don't see a shy cat doing that. She has to either come out of the underground at my call or find a way to the houses further on.

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